dog in sweater

Thundershirts: A Treatment Against Dog Anxiety

Thundershirts are a great, all natural, cheap and safe alternative to calm your dog.
comment les chiens expriment leur affection

All dogs don’t show their love the same way

Not all dogs show their affection in the same way. Read this to understand how your dog shows love.
aile d'avion avec arc en ciel et mer en fond

Does Transavia Accept Dogs? Airline Travel Policy

The airline accepts pets! Indeed, Transavia is one of the airlines that accepts the transport of animals. There are conditions for cabin...
fly with Swiss with a dog

Flying Swiss With Your Dog, a Review

Here is a review of our experience flying with Swiss Airlines in 2019. We flew with our dog and provide all the information we wish we had known beforehand.
pink haired woman carrying a small dog in a dog backpack

All About Dog Backpacks, Purses & Bags

Looking at some dog backpacks? Want the one with the bubble on it? Wondering if they're any good? Check this article.