The Very Big Blog Inspired by a Small Dachshund

This blog provides tips and information about owning a dog and dog-friendly travel tips. We blog about our doxie but also other types of dogs. We started this blog on a fun evening with friends. Since then, it’s grown quite a bit.

So it is very very Dachshund-centric

Our little marvel of German engineering is a very big reason for the existence of this website. She is also one of the big reasons why we sometimes spend hours on Amazon and Google looking for new toys or a winter coat that will fit a hot dog on legs. Trust us, sausage dogs are super hard to dress. 

We talk about dog training tips too

When we first got Mocsing, we were aware that she was going to be attempting to train us as much as we were trying to train her. That’s why some of our articles try to give some tangible tips on how to take care of a dog, especially one with a stubborn streak a mile wide. 

Health matters

We also share some key tips on how to keep your dog healthy and happy. We realized that some of our friends and fellow dog owners shared the same health related questions we had. When you are an animal owner, you find yourself Googling the weirdest questions. 

We’re just figuring things as we go

After checking many, many, many blogs, we realized that there are some products folks only talk about in Facebook groups or in person at the pet store. Good advice and internet reviews helped us make wise choices when it comes to food, toys and games was very welcome.

Who’s we by the way?

We’re Myriam and Augustin, a couple and happy humans to Mocsing, our little wiener dog. We’re not particularly focusing on dog training or the best kibble out there for your pup. We’re just here, testing what works and doesn’t work with our own dog. Sometimes, we get curious about other breeds or ask ourselves dog-related questions that we answer in this website.

We’re animal lovers but not professional animal handlers

Yes. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE. We are two fellow dog owners. If your dog is ill or misbehaving, you need a vet for the first issue and a good training class for the second. What you do not need is a dog blog to give you advice on what to do with your pet on the weekend. Please, make sure you give adequate care to your dog as a priority. Once that’s settled, feel free to check out our content. 

So what is our expertise?

We used to travel with our dog almost everywhere. We amassed a wide variety of tips and tricks along the way. We also have access to information about trains, airlines and hotels that most folks look for when considering a dog-friendly vacation.

We also have very in-depth knowledge of many dog products and best practices for:

  • Heavy chewers
  • Miniature dogs
  • Really long dogs like sausage dogs but also corgis
  • Dogs with health problems
  • Really stubborn dogs who get bored easilly