Small adaptable, curious dogs make great traveling companions. Our dachshund Mocsing is a little bone-fide globe-trotter. She’s been to Austria, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Canada! Larger dogs tend to prefer to guard the house and give you a big welcome when you return. But there are always exceptions of course!

All dogs should be car-trained as puppies, since this is the most common form of travel for them. If you are dealing with an adult dog who is unaccustomed or afraid of car travel, you may have to make a regular training project out of it. Start out with short drives and graduate to longer trips over time.

And that’s why you need a good hotel. After a long flight or a long drive, you need a nice spot to relax with your dog. Some hotels will give you a little travel kit included in service. If they do not, here is what you should have in your travel kit:

  • Dog treats
  • a water bowl
  • a chew toy
  • a dog bed or a blanket
  • poop bags

You are never ever allowed to leave your dog alone in a hotel room. Here are a few other tips to be a good guest: clip your dog’s nails to limit damage to hardwood floors, brush them beforehand to avoid excessive shedding and last but not least: make sure your pet is welcome at your destination, as many hotels and motels do not allow pets.

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