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We travel with our dog everywhere in the world. Our dog is in love with her Kurgo Explorer carry-on travel bag and our friends with larger dogs have great advice on how to pick an IATA approved travel cage.

Many of us would prefer to travel with our pets as we consider them to be family members. This is why many hotels, parks and other travel destinations are becoming more and more welcoming travelers with canine companions.

Dogs seem to make the best travel companions, especially on long car rides. Of course, there are those exceptions. However, we are sure pet would much prefer to be with you than in a kennel somewhere. Of course, you don’t want to take a dog with you that has panic attacks in the car.

Travel tips to make your trip as safe and enjoyable as possible:

  1. Schedule your pet a check up with your vet and ask for a certificate of health and other required paperwork for the trip.
  2. If your pet is on medication, bring it with you along with your vet’s contact info in case something happens.
  3. A well socialized pet will travel more easily and tolerate the stress of traveling better than a pet that is not used to be in a car or around other people.
  4. Most hotels charge extra pet fees and you are not allowed to leave your dog alone in the room.
  5. You don’t want to assume that there is a pet friendly hotel in a town you intend to stay in. Check in advance and make reservations.
  6. Make sure your pet wears a collar with tags. One tag should be a current rabies tag and the other tag should have the dogs name, your name, address, town, and phone numbers.
  7. If you want to fly with your dog, check out our articles to pick the best airline for you and your dog.

Always bring your dog’s equipment: water and food bowl, bed, favorite toys, treats, food, etc. Having familiar items along for the trip can help ease the stress of traveling.

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