Dog Furniture

Best Dog Furniture

Currently, the best dog furniture we have in the house is listed here:

  • Kurgo Explorer Transport Bag : we travel everywhere with it.
  • The generic foam stairs my husband bought our dog. She can now reach our papasan chair and laze around on higher grounds.
  • Her shark dog house
  • Her luxurious cat house (don’t ask…)

Rest in pieces : her pineapple dog house. It had a beautiful life.

Luxury Dog Furniture

Leather sofas, Egyptian cotton threads, poster beds with memory foam mattresses : luxury dog furniture is a serious business. Dogs average 12 to 14 hours of sleep a day so I guess we better invest in something good. At least, that’s the rationale my husband used when he bought our dachshund her memory foam mattress. I don’t know if it’s made much on an impact on her since she much prefer to spend her days nestled in her adorable little cat house…

If you are tired of the dog hogging the couch, why not offer your pet its own couch! Seen another way: make sure you provide your best friend with furniture that matches your interior. Let’s keep your house looking luxe with some great design alternatives.

jersey style dog bed with canopyWe are sure you can find what your heart desires online so I just thought I would share this incredibly specific dog bed that showed up when I was looking for luxury dog furniture. #choices

Image result for choices gif drag race | Drag | Drag ...

Cheapest Dog Furniture

You will find the cheapest dog furniture on AliExpress. Nothing beats them. We’ve seen some great deals at stores like Winner’s, Marshall’s or TJMaxx.

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