Best Outdoor Dog Accessories

  • Dog goggles: goggles do not usually come with directions usually so it can be tough to put them on. However they can be very useful in certain situations.
  • Yellow dog coat: we love our dog’s yellow raincoat. It is actually water repellent and works quite well.
  • Leash umbrella for your dog: we saw this all over Instagram but it doesn’t look very practical based on some YouTube demos.
  • Rain boots: these are very important if you live in a country that has harsh, snowy winters.

Instagram Starter Kit for Your Dog

  • Dog selfie stick: we found one of these in Europe and thought it was brilliant. There’s a tennis ball that attaches to your phone to get your dog to pay attention when you take a picture.
  • ZeeDog bow ties. Any doggy bow ties really. I absolutely love the way my little doxie looks with a bow tie on.
  • A chuckit. Make your dog run after a ball a few times before taking a picture. Playing a few rounds of fetch is the secret to getting your dog to smile

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