Hello, This Is Dog!

Yes, This Is Dog is a real blog. It got started late night as a joke between friends (with dogs). We were referencing the This Is Dog meme. We didn’t figure out which one of our dogs would be the best at answering the phone but this domain got registered! Our aim is simple: provide useful information that most people don’t think about. No training, no basic advice on how to potty train. Just weird stuff, hyper detailed info and fun moments!

One Small Dog, Big Ambitions

We have a miniature dachshund. We adore our dog but when you have a pet with unusual specs, it’s not always easy navigating basic things. Ever try to find a dog coat that doesn’t look like a crop top on your pup? We have. It was sad, depressing and hilarious all at once. We know what it’s like to face problems that can’t be solved with a simple Google search.

The Weird Questions Dog Owners Ask

If you own a dog, you most likely asked yourself some pretty weird questions. Here’s a sample of some the doozies I have had to ask myself or ask “OK Google”:

this is dog
  • Can my dog eat grapes? She’d just stolen one and gobbled it hole. Answer: no, it’s bad for dogs.
  • Why does my dog eat her own poop?! Answer: puppies tend to do that for attention.
  • How do I go about cleaning and bathing a dog?!
  • Why won’t my dog walk in the street at all?
  • etc. etc.

If this is you as well, you will find our content useful for sure.

Great Canine Adventures Around the World

petit dachshund harlequin hyper mignon à montréal

If you like to go on vacation with your dog, you may like our articles. We live in Montreal but we love to go explore old European cities with our dog. The problem is that it’s hard to find reliable information on which airline accepts dogs and which hotels are dog-friendly. That’s where we come in! We aim to share our experiences, useful info for those traveling with their dogs.