Common Health Problems in Dogs

The first rule in taking care of your dog is: when in doubt, talk to your vet! Use with caution advice of friends or people who are supposed to be “experienced dog owners.” Only a veterinarian is qualified to diagnose issues with your dog and prescribe treatment.

While a puppy is nursing, it may receive protective antibodies in its mother’s milk. As soon as the puppy is weaned, this natural immunity disappears fast. Your vet may prescribe a vaccination program beginning at 6 to 8 weeks, so do not delay to keep your puppy in good health.

Some of the most common health issues for dogs aren’t really clearly explained when you first get a dog. There is no official training program. Sure, you get a little booklet given by a dog food company or given by your vet (it’s also a sponsored booklet even if it comes from the vet…we checked).

Here are the most common risks that your dog has in terms of health:

puppy in the arms of a vet with blue scrubs


Heartworms are transmitted through mosquito bites. It might be years before this is detected and it could be deadly. It’s important to prevent this from happening from June through November with a monthly product.

Ticks and Lyme Disease

Ticks are parasites that latch onto you. Lyme disease is something that ticks pass on. This is a very serious health risks for dogs. There is a topical treatment you can apply in between your pup’s shoulder blades.

Heart Disease and Dogs

little chihuahua and owner's fingers holding a heart shaped dog treat

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from heart disease. Try to avoid exercising in super hot and humid weather with your dog if you pet has heart problems. Keep an eye on some symptoms: if your dog is easily out of breath, consult a vet.


You could notice a tumor on your dog. In that case, there are treatments to help your pet manage the tumor’s size and prolong its life in comfortable situation.


If you have a dog that is born with some abnormalities, this could show up later in life with arthritis. The one common cure? Make sure your dog stays at a healthy weight. Overweight dogs will suffer from this issue a lot more.

Kennel Cough

If left untreated, this disease can turn into pneumonia. There are vaccines for that every 6 months or every year to avoid that.

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