About Mocsing, the Miniature Dachshund

mocsing the miniature dachshund

Hi, nice to meet you! We are Myriam & Augustin, the happy owners of a very sassy miniature dachshund. That little beasts warms our home and our hearts. Her warming my spot tends to be a bit of a problem but apart from that, it’s been a fun adventure! I grew up with dogs but my husband, Augustin, lived a very Parisian lifestyle (think no elevators and smaller apartments). Growing up with a dog in the house is a special joy for most kids. My brother and I had a confidant, a friend, a partner in mischief in our dog Lolita. Our first dog Prunelle taught us many precious things: how to be a fierce protector no matter what your size and most importantly if you have to swallow a bitter pill in life, make sure you stick it in cheese first.

10 Years Together: Time for a Dachshund!

My husband always loved this breed. Me? I’m more of a poodle girl. Poodles are loyal, sassy, hypoallergenic (which was important due to my asthmatic little brother) and cuddly. The most hilarious thing about poodles for me are that they basically look like pissed off mosquitoes when you put them in the bath. Most of the dog is composed of floof! I came to learn with our little Momo that this is not always the case. Our little lady may be on the Napoleon scale of heights (and ambition) but she is made of solid muscle. That dog is muscular and stocky! Which is great because that’s also my build type 🙂 We got Moscing after ten years together. We felt the time was right. We were finally in a place where we could afford to care for a dog responsibly.

Hi Boss, My Dog Doesn’t Want Me to Go to Work…

It turns out that around the time Mocsing came into our lives, Augustin found himself wanting to stay with us more and more. Every morning was torture for us. He was sad and I was stressed because I was working too much and handling a very high energy puppy alone. Turns out that my stress and workload could easily be solved by him joining my company. Since we work in the same field, it was a good solution. Cherry on top: Augustin got to stay with his two favorite ladies all day!

Traveling the World With a Dog

The problem with owning a dog for us was the fact that we love to travel. Traveling is not always compatible with dogs. We weren’t willing to leave our dog in a kennel for weeks or months. That is why we put off the adoption of a pet for so long. However, since I became a freelancer a few years ago, we realized that our lifestyle could maybe accommodate a small dog (with a big personality). We wouldn’t be leaving our animal alone all day. When you own a dachshund, you know that they tend to have separation anxiety. Turns out that we also get separation anxiety when we leave her for an entire day…so we were perfect for each other!

Flying to Europe

This blog got started because we were looking for information on how to visit a few countries in Europe with our dog. It was hellish. We combed the web for months and months trying to find dog-friendly hotels, airlines, a transport bag that would fit airlines specs…Not fun. So we decided to share our newfound knowledge of all things airlines and dogs, all things hotels and dogs, etc. etc. Here we are today!

Visiting Québec

We also travel in Canada a bit since we live here. We mainly visit Québec when we go on vacation in Canada because it is our province and we get to chill and discover new spots. We also share knowledge about basic things one should know when coming to Canada with a dog.