Ben & Jerry’s is one of the funnest dog ice cream brands

black pug licking vanilla ice cream
The iconic ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s has released doggie ice cream treats. These cold doggie desserts are 100% OK for your dog to eat.

Why do dogs like ice cream? Because it’s delicious and there’s nothing quite like it: fat, creamy, sweet – it’s heaven! Humans and dogs love ice cream. It’s a cold treat all of us enjoy in the summer. So we started wondering who sells dog ice cream. Turns out, one company caught onto that fact and decided to release a line of frozen puppy desserts. The iconic ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s has released doggie ice cream treats. 

Does Ben and Jerry’s make dog ice cream?

Yes, they make dog safe ice cream. Don’t get us wrong, there are other pet ice cream brands but not all of them are delicious according to our miniature dachshund. But whenever we end up with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s (the human kind, not the doggie dessert), our dog is right there, begging until we share. Our dog is convinced that all ice cream is dog friendly ice cream, except…the pup ice cream we bought specifically for her.

What are Ben and Jerry’s doggie desserts?

They are mini-cups of ice cream specifically made for dogs. These treats come in two flavors that dogs love: peanut butter and pumpkin. As the company says: “Here at Ben & Jerry’s, our dogs are part of the family.” 

Ben and Jerry’s dog treats come in two flavors

The brand offers two dog ice cream flavors: Pontch’s Mix, made with peanut butter and pretzel pieces and Rosie’s batch, which is pumpkin-flavored with mini cookies mixed in. The brand’s doggy desserts are named after two Ben & Jerry’s office dogs. Someone at Buzzfeed tried both flavors before feeding it to their dog. Human review is also good: “I even tried both flavors before giving them to Hudson, and I’m not going to lie to you…. I’d eat them, too.” Here’s what it tastes like according to them: “Pontch’s mix tastes like frozen creamy peanut butter while Rosie’s Batch tastes like pumpkin pie ice cream.”

What are the dog ice cream ingredients?

If you are like us, you’ve wondered “what is doggie ice cream made of”? I mean, most ingredients in human ice cream don’t seem to be safe for dogs. Granted, this is not something we would ask out loud to anyone else…it was absolutely something we googled. Dairy products aren’t especially good for dogs so we wondered what these mini cups were made of. It turns out that in Ben & Jerry’s case, both pup-friendly ice cream flavors have the same sunflower butter base. Now, something we like is that the same ingredients that go into Ben & Jerry’s human ice cream go into the pet ice cream flavors :

Normally, we hate advertising that touts dog food with human grade ingredients because what’s good for a human is not necessarily good for a dog. However, in this case, we are comfortable with the ingredients. OK, we aren’t elated at the idea of a product with corn syrup but this is a common ingredient. 

Let’s address some key points about these frozen treats

Before you spend the night on your sofa eating ice cream with your dog, you have to figure out where to buy doggie ice cream. It’s available online and at Target. 

Is Ben and Jerry’s good for dogs?

“Doggie Desserts” are mini ice cream cups made with a sunflower butter base, making them safe for dogs to enjoy. Aside from that, you should refrain from feeding your dog human pints of ice cream. 

Is regular ice cream OK for dogs?

It depends, just like for any type of human food. Here are some tips to ensure you are not feeding your dog poison:

  • Avoid any ice cream that contains chocolate. 
  • Plain vanilla is often your safest best. 
  • Never feed them sugar-free ice cream as it often contains xylitol. This is super bad for your dog’s health. 
  • Avoid macadamia nuts
  • Avoid anything with coffee beans

Is it OK to share a spoon with your dog?

Not. It’s not hygienic. Dogs can have bacteria and parasites that can pass from your dog to you and cause diseases. Our vet said stuff like salmonella and E coli can be spread from pets to humans. 


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