The Time I Gave in and My Husband Bought Pet Stairs for Our Dog

miniature dachshund looking outside on stairs
We bought stairs for our miniature dachshund so she could climb onto our papasan chair. It helped our stubborn dog gain a sense of independence.

When we think of pets we don’t often consider the idea of stairs specially designed just for them.If you own a dachshund or a corgi or any type of short legged dog, you may end up looking into buying stairs. With the use of pet stairs your animal will be able to comfortably move onto the furniture at their own convenience. Pet stairs also prevent excessive stress on the bones or the joints of your animal. If a dog or a cat is overweight and they jump to get on and off the furniture that puts a great deal of pressure on the animal’s skeletal system. 

Great, but how did we end up buying stairs for a stubborn miniature dachshund that’s not allowed in bed or on the couch?! When a dog is small it can be impossible for it to jump onto the furniture. This is good and bad. This means the owner (me) has to lift the dog up and down repeatedly. For most people this can become tiresome quickly. I am most people…

Are Stairs Better for Dogs than Ramps?

A ramp is a better choice than stairs for senior dogs and dogs with joint ailments who often face increasing difficulty tackling stairs of any kind. If you want a goofy but very honest review, here’s one by Unhandy Dave and his pomeranian buddy:

What Are the Best Dog Steps?

Pet stairs are available in different sizes depending on the size of your pet. You’ll need to choose the pet stair that can accommodate the weight of your own dog or cat. They are made from high density foam that is covered with a fabric. Some pet stairs allow you to remove the fabric so that you can clean it. They are also available in a variety of colors so that they will complement the room you place them in. 

With the use of pet stairs, a pup, a short or an old dog can move on and off the furniture with ease. We ended up buying some stairs for our miniature dachshund just so that she could climb onto our papasan chair and chill. It helped our stubborn dog gain a sense of independence despite her tiny size. No matter how new and fancy her dog houses are, she always seems to revert to the papasan chair. At first, I was upset because that’s my chair. We learned to make it work as there is plenty of space for both of us to coexist on the same piece of furniture. 

What About Older Dogs?

As dogs and cats age their joints can develop arthritis and they aren’t as mobile as they once were. Purchasing pet stairs is a wonderful way to ensure the continued health of your pet. You’ll no longer have to worry about them falling while jumping onto or off of the furniture.

Does PetSmart Sell Dog Stairs?

Mocsing in the papasan chair with a plushie Dachshund and some milkbone treats
Mocsing in the papasan chair with a plushie Dachshund and some milkbone treats

Yes they do! Of course they do! Except that it’s in the bed and assorted furniture section of the website. Here are some of the best models available:


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