Can My Dog Eat A Banana?

dog sniffing banana
We answer some of the most common questions regarding bananas in all their tasty tasty forms.

Yes, but not a whole banana. What do we mean not a whole banana? We answer some of the most common questions regarding bananas in all their tasty forms. You need to be careful because while dogs can eat bananas, they can’t eat ALL of the banana stuff you have laying around the house. Let’s break it down together.

How Much Banana Can A Dog Eat Daily?

Portion control is the name of the game when it comes to your pets. Be careful, your portion sizes are not appropriate for a dog, no matter how big or small they are. 

  • Small and toy breeds : 2 to 3 small pieces of banana per day
  • Medium to large dogs: half of a regular banana per day. 

Source of this information: we asked our vet!

Can Dogs Eat Plantains?

Plantains are healthy for dogs. They contain dietary fiber that can help ease digestive problems. Careful though, too much will cause digestive upset.

Can Dogs Eat Bananas Safely?

Bananas should be given as a treat. Bananas are high in potassium, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. and also a lot of sugar. That’s why they should be fed to dogs only in moderation. 

Can Dogs Eat Banana Peels?

Be wary of peels. They aren’t toxic but they could cause stomach issues. dogs cannot digest banana peels properly. If it gets stuck, you will be footing the bill for an emergency operation to remove the blockage. Stay on the safe side and peel the banana before giving up to half of it to your dog. 

Can Dogs Eat Banana-Related Foods?

cute chihuahua sniffing banana
The Chihuahua is sniffing a pink skinned banana?!

Can Dogs Eat Bananas And Peanut Butter?

Yes they can. There is a good reason to mix these two up for dogs. Some dogs love bananas while others need a little something extra to make it palatable. Mix a little bit of banana with peanut butter. This treat is not a frequent snack or regular reward. This is a special treat for your pup. 

Can Dogs Eat Banana Bread?

Yes but there are some strict rules you should follow. 

  1. Always in moderation. This is not a regular treat for your dog.
  2. It contains lots of sugar which is not good for your dog’s intestinal system.
  3. If your recipe includes raisins, it’s a NO. Raisins are toxic to dogs.
  4. Check if your banana is banana nut bread. Some nuts are very bad for a dog’s health so be weary of banana bread if you don’t know what’s in it.

Can Dogs Eat Bananas And Apples?

Yes and yes! If your pooch seems to like both, go ahead. Our dog loves apples and bananas. These are super healthy snacks for dogs. You can also feed your dog bananas and strawberries. We asked our vet and bananas are one of the best fruits to give your dog apparently. 

Bananas and Strawberries and Kongs

You guessed it, you can use bananas as a great treat if you want to stuff a Kong toy for your dog or dogs. Check the video to know more about that. The lady sings and prepares treats for her dogs. 

Can Dogs Eat Banana Chips?

Yes they can. Dogs are omnivores. They will try to eat anything if you let them! The problem is that they are not always right in eating what they eat. Bananas chips are safe if they do not have spices on them, sugar or any other type of coating. Read the ingredients on the pack of chips before feeding them to your pooch. 

Can Dogs Eat Dried Bananas?

Yes they can but sparingly. You see, bananas add a lot of fiber to a dog’s diet. This can mean some very uncomfortable pooping situations for dog owners. You don’t want to risk diarrhea. Munching on a few chips with your pooch on the couch is fine. You just need to make sure that you don’t accidentally eat up the entire bag together!

Can Dogs Eat Dehydrated Bananas?

Yes! Dehydrated bananas are a great treat for your dog. Bananas are a nutrient-rich food for your dog so go ahead. Bananas can’t replace proper dog food though. Make sure you give these as treats and not as part of a regular diet.

Can Dogs Eat Dried Banana Chips

They can eat them but please do not feed them to your dog. Banana chips are made from deep-frying unripe bananas coated in sugar or honey. Neither are recommended for dogs. These large amounts of sugar, fats and empty calories are not good for your dog. 


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