Christmas Dog Gift Idea : Zeedog Rudolph Leash, Harness & Collar

Rudolph Zeedog's harness and leash

We wanted to offer an early unique Christmassy gift for Mocsing, our (super spoiled) little Dachshund. Our first reflex: we placed an order on Zeedog and bought some great toys and harnesses. We already own Zeedog harnesses, collars and leashes, but we fell in love with their Rudolph Christmas themed line. What better present for our small dog?

Take a look at the Zeedog products before Christmas !

Christmas themed dog leash and harness by Zeedog
Mocsing is used to Zeedog’s harnesses. Built with a mesh, they’re light and comfy.

Our impression of these Zeedog harness and leash

We received the products about 10 days after having placed our order. They were sent from California, we live in Canada (hence the relatively lengthy wait). We were glad to receive them before Christmas so that Mocsing can wear her holidays themed products in time.

Like all the Zeedog products we own, these harness and leash are well built and thought. We didn’t buy the collar to complete the set, but it looks as good as the two items we got.

The Zeedog Rudolph harness

The harness is made of a breathable, resistant and stretchy mesh material. We chose a size S (Mocsing is very small) and it fits our dog perfectly. We enjoy the fact that it closes with only one clip and that it is highly adjustable (we can put it on top of a coat or on our dog directly without any issue. We also appreciate the fact that the mesh protects Mocsing’s upper belly, which is very exposed to snow, for instance, and doesn’t have much hair.

The Rudolph harness looks really cute, especially in those Christmassy times.

The Zeedog Rudolph leash

When it comes to the leash, we chose a size XS. We usually buy S leashes, but we wanted to try this size (again, Mocsing is very small). The Rudolph Christmas themed leash is really light and easy to carry. If you have a very small dog, it is perfect. It is also very handy if you need to remove it often, since it is easy to put on and remove, and pack in a pocket, for instance.

The leash is very simple (no anti-chock system, no padding for your hands, however Zeedog sometimes offer product variants with those features). We like the two sided patterns (red and green), it makes the set look really classy on our dog.

Is it a good Christmas present for a dog ?

To be honest, it is mostly a great present for us, owners! We enjoy getting out, taking Mocsing out with this set. Our dog doesn’t really care about how things look like.

However, like other Zeedog products, the Rudolph harness and leash seem comfortable for our little saucisse. They’re light, the harness’ mesh material is very breathable and flexible, and more importantly the construction holds her well (harnesses are great, especially for dogs prone to back issues).

Don’t forget to checkout Zeedog’s products.


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