The Best Dog Products For Power Chewers

dog extreme chewer
Tired of buying toy after toy for your dog only to have them rip through them in a minute? Tired of picking up stuffing, bits and pieces? This post is for you.

What Are The Best Products For Dogs’ Extreme Chewing Feeding Habit?

Some dogs just like to chew and chew and chew. Give them any toy and 5 minutes later, it’s obliterated. However there are some extremely tough dog toys made for power chewers. We looked high and low for some product to help us and settled on a mix between dog chews that last a long time and Kong extreme dog toys made for strong chewers.

Chewing is perhaps the most common behavior among dogs. Although each dog has its chewing style, they all pretty much chew. You must provide them with toys to help them chew on something appropriate for them. However, with extreme chewers, one of the big challenges is to keep their toys in good shape. Buying toy after toy after toy can quickly add up. We’ve been through a list of tough dog toys that will outlast most extreme chewers. We say most because our dachshund can pretty much chew through anything if she sets her mind to it.

dog chewing on a piece of wood

Let’s look at some of the products that won’t be chewed up in 15 minutes. We’ve tried to list the tough dog toys for extreme chewers that we tested and approved. Basically we look at whether or not the product offer good durability and doggo satisfaction. It’s important for any dog to have chewing toys to help them maintain clean and healthy teeth. It’s also important as it satisfies their natural instinct to gnaw on things. However, you will need toys that go the extra mile in the durability department for extreme chewers. Don’t believe most dog toy labels that claim the toys are indestructible or tough. We’ve had some bad surprises in the past.

It is important to know that no toy is immune to chewing, however, these recommended dog toys for extreme chewers have proven by various reviews and personal testing to have extra durability.

Extreme Kong Dog Toy: Our Best Chew Toy at Home

One of the best dog toy brands for those that love to chew is Kong. If you have been having issues with getting a dog toy to last more than a few days with your aggressive chewer, then you need to fork over some money and try the Kong products. Kong dog’s toys are made from ultra-durable rubber and come in different sizes. It’s a perfect bet for dogs that come in all shapes and sizes. You can get that brand in many reputable pet stores and on Amazon.

The small size Kong extreme dog toy is one of the best selling dog chew toys because it’s great for teething puppies and small dogs. It gives your dog a tough challenge while providing some great playtime fun. It can be filled with kibble, treats and peanut butter to add more excitement rather than just tearing apart the toy.

Careful About Kong Though: Our Puppy Destroyed on in Minutes

not a durable Kong toy
Not a durable Kong toy. This one is not suited for power chewers like puppies.

Go with the extreme Kongs. Trust us on this one. We bought a cute little dog shaped Kong toy and it was gnawed through by our puppy. We wrote to them inquiring as to what we should do because clearly our dog took 15 minutes to rip it apart. The response was confused at best. Granted, we bought this in Rome, Italy so maybe the team there wasn’t too coordinated?! Don’t know but bottom line is: be careful when buying your dog toys. Kong is a great brand but it’s not a guarantee that the dog chew toy you buy will be able to withstand the onslaught. We own two Kongs extreme chews at home: the pink one for puppies and small dogs and a thicker, denser, black Kong in a size small. They are awesome but I have to say that we almost didn’t buy them because we bought the tennis bone toy first and thought the brand was crap. Still, our neighbor bought one for her dog so we got to see it in action. After that, we decided to give it another try. I am glad we did because the reviews and blog posts you’ll find online don’t lie: Kong does produce some tough, highly durable dog toys. For those wondering where you can buy Kong Extreme toys, a safe bet is your neighborhood pet store. They always seem to carry it.

Himalayan Cheese Dog Chews

Petsmart, Amazon and other stores now offer a product we love at home: Himalayan dog chew. It’s an excellent dog toy for extreme chewers. This incredibly tough, stone-like cheese is made by boiling yak and cow milk. It provides a great treat for your dog. Our dachshund spends hours trying to gnaw at it or soften it to the point where she can break little bits off. There are multiple brands of Himalayan dog chews out there. I must admit that I am rather fond of the one we find at our local pet store. However, I have seen some of these hard cheese dog chews for sale at Marshall’s and Winners over here in Montreal. There were a dollar cheaper and had more cheese in the packaging so we bought them. Turns out they are the same exact thing as the more expensive pet store brand! Either way, give these things a try, they are awesome and last a long time!

Avoid Green “Durable” Toys

Do not buy toys that look like this green dental dog chew. The quality is crap and your dog will leave bits and pieces of this all over the house. We got rid of it quite fast. It was good for the trash maybe 2 hours after entering our home? We don’t advise anyone to buy this.

Nylabone for Extreme Chewers

Another brand that we tried is Nylabone. It was one of the best ways to satisfy our puppy’s need to chew on things. Nylabone is available at Target but you can also get these dog toys on Amazon. There’s a special product line made by this brand for extreme chewers. They are made in different sizes, shape, flavors and textures. I got one as a clueless pet owner while in Las Vegas. Target had one in the shape of a T-Rex. That’s right: a chicken flavored T-Rex. I found this hilarious because chickens are supposed to be the closest living thing comparable to a T-Rex.

Either way, you should know that many people are asking what Nylabone is made of. Ingredients are a bit iffy. The Nylabones are made of non-edible chew products. Basically it’s mostly nylon and not intended for consumption. However, if your dog does ingest tiny pieces, they should be passed without any problem. If you want to go with something from this brand, we recommend the Nylabone Power Chew.

Do You Have a Product To Recommend?

Seriously, I never thought I’d find myself checking Amazon late at night hoping to find the best products for canine power chewers but here we are. If you have found something else that works, let us know in the comments!


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