Zeedog Neopro Review – dog collar, harness and leash

Zeedog Neopro leash, harness and collar review
We bought all the Zeedog Neopro set to test it. We provide you with all our impressions and feelings about this products line collar, harness and leash.

This is already our 3rd set of Zeedog dog collars, harnesses and leashes. When we first saw the Neopro products line in our local Montreal pet store, it just had been introduced. We immediately fell in love with the design and the neon color scheme.

We stumbled upon the Zeedog brand during one of our trips in the U.S. We almost bought Alex the alien, an adorable little dog toy made by Zeedog. This time, we didn’t hesitate and bought the lime (neon yellow) Neopro harness, collar and the leash. Here is our review of this great line of products that we use every day with our dog.

Our Zeedog Neopro review

What we love

  • design
  • solid conception
  • high quality materials
  • the plastic and built durability
  • low maintenance and easy to clean

What we don’t like

  • the price – those are not cheap dog accessories, but they offer a great quality / price ratio
  • the stitching and plastic parts with the logo are difficult to clean
  • the Neopro material makes harness adjustments and moves difficult
  • the collar’s clip is difficult to close

The Zeedog Neopro line cataracteristics

A solid and durable built

All the Neopro products are built to last: a polyester (Teteron) fabric with a textured plastic (Neopro) coating. This composition should provide a triple advantage to the products: a high resistance to scratches, to water (it is waterproof) and dirt. The Neopro coating is also supposed to be easy to clean.

But are all those marketing selling points true? After having used the Zeedog Neopro harness, leash and collar, this construction seems, indeed, to be extremely solid. No wear signs, nor scratches. Harnesses built with fabric quickly show usage signs.

The is no doubt that Neopro products are waterproof. And their plastic coating make them quite easy to clean. Water is often enough to remove dirt. Sometimes some cleaning products are required, but, counter to fabric, plastic doesn’t catch dirt.

However, the Zeedog logos and the stitching on the products do collect dirt and are very difficult to clean. This is not a big issue, but it tends to show with the Lime color that we chose.

The only fabrication “issue” that we noticed on all the Neopro products that we own affects the polyester fabric at the core of their construction. It is not perfectly straight at some places on our leash. This is only an aesthetic issue and is not easily noticeable.

The buckles and clips used for the Neopro products

The leash uses a metal buckle which rotates on itself. It is very resistant and convenient. It also can be secured when closed by a sort of lock.

The Neopro harness is only built with plastic materials. It features two buckles for the leash. Made of super strong plastic, they both are very solid. The harness is closed using a plastic clip which works perfectly. However, because of the textured Neopro plastic coating, the adjusting buckles are difficult to use. This material also makes it difficult to remove the harness. But this is also a strength, since the harness keeps well in place on our dog. Moreover, we rarely adjust it.

The collar uses the same buckle, clip and adjusting pieces than the harness. Our only issues: the Neopro coating also makes any adjustment difficult and the buckle to close the collar doesn’t work well – it often takes a few tries.

Use and comfort of the Neopro harness and collar

Even though the Neopro leash doesn’t use a reinforced handle, it is very comfortable and durable. Because of its core, which is made of a rigid fabric, it doesn’t distend when our dog pulls. Finally, its buckle is easy to operate and doesn’t open accidentally.

Regarding the harness, it seems to be comfortable for our small dachshund. As mentioned before, our only issue with it is how difficult it is to adjust it. Second issue: because of its Neopro coating, it is difficult to remove from our dog’s neck – especially when it is well adjusted.

The Neopro collar looks cute, and is durable and well thought. The only problem we have with it: its clip which is really hard to close. However, we rarely remove Mocsing’s collar, so this is not a big issue for us.

4 collar and harness sizes, 3 for the Neopro leash

As usual, Zeedog offers a broad sizes choice: XS, S, M and L for the Neopro collars and harnesses. Here are the dimensions:

The Neopro collar’s width :

  • XS : 0,4 in / 1 cm
  • S : 0,6 in / 1,5 cm
  • M : 0,8 in / 2 cm
  • L : 1 in / 2,5 cm

The Neopro collar’s length:

  • XS : 9 to 13 in / 23 to 33 cm
  • S : 12,2 to 17 in / 31 to 43 cm
  • M : 14,5 to 20,8 in / 37 to 53 cm
  • L : 17,7 to 27,5 in / 45 to 70 cm

The Neopro harness (neck):

  • XS : 7,9 to 13,4 in / 20 to 34 cm
  • S : 9,4 to 14,9 in / 24 to 38 cm
  • M : 12,2 to 19,6 in / 31 to 50 cm
  • L : 15,7 to 26,3 in / 40 to 67 cm

The Neopro harness (torso):

  • XS : 9 to 14.9 in / 23 to 38 cm
  • S : 12.6 to 20.8 in / 32 to 53 cm
  • M : 16.5 to 27.1 in / 42 to 69 cm
  • L : 24.4 to 42.1 in / 62 to 107 cm

The Zeedog Neopro leashes are sold in three different sizes: S, M and L. They all are 4 in / 10 cm long, but their width goes from 0,4 to 1 in / 1 to 2,5 cm.

Where to buy the Zeeding Neopro accessories for dogs

We bought the whole set directly in our local Montreal pet store. Zeedog also sells them directly online, on their website. Other e-commerce websites, such as Amazon, also have them.

7 Neopro harness, collar and leash colors

Zeedog offers its Neopro products in 7 different colors: Lime (neon yellow), Tangerine (light orange), Amazonia (light green), Bubblegum (bubblegum pink), Coral (light red), Blue (blue) and Black (black). Everyone should find the color to its tastes! We chose Lime, and we don’t regret it, since, on top of looking great, it makes our dog more visible to vehicles with lights. This is the color which seems to be neon.

Do we recommend the Neopro products?

Even though they have their issues, the Neopro collar, leash and harness are great dog accessories that we enjoy using everyday. They are great looking, but more importantly they are well conceived and made from high quality materials. They are durable and solid, easy to clean. Many features which justify their unfriendly price tag.


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