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From training to exercising and extensive talking, get all the answers you are looking for regarding Huskies. Discover our big Husky FAQ.

Discover the big Huskies FAQ: what you need to know about Huskies. We answer all your questions regarding your Husky, its habits, its behaviors, and more. Enjoy!

Why are Huskies so vocal?

husky howling in the snow

Huskies are known to be very vocal (that’s why they usually are listed among the top “talkative” breeds). Just look for “crying husky” on Youtube, you’ll see, there are many videos showing huskies waking up the whole neighborhood! 

Why do huskies vocalize?

This is instinct. Huskies look similar and often act like wolves. They love to live in a pack and howl. They also have the physical capacities to vocalize the way they do. Why not take advantage of it? All that on top of being stubborn and active dogs.

Why they vocalize depends on the situation though. Most of the time, they try to communicate something. But they also often bark, sing and scream when they play. 

Sometimes, they may even be in pain. It is unfortunately often difficult to know exactly why a Husky vocalizes. You need to try to know your dog better and, depending on the situation, you may better understand what she / he wants or communicates about.

Why do Huskies whine so much

So yeah, huskies vocalize a lot. And if they feel neglected or want some attention, they will whine too.

Huskies often whine because they are alone or didn’t get enough exercise during the day. So, a solution to minimize your huskie’s whining could be to give her / him more time to play, walk and run. Huskies are very powerful dogs with a huge need to exercise. If they are not allowed to do so, they will express their sadness and disagreement. There is no way around that.

Like every other sort of dogs, Siberian Huskies can also be very anxious. Most of the time, it happens when they’re left by themselves for long periods of time. You may want to cut back on the time when your dog is on its own without the capacity to exercise.

Why do Huskies howl?

Huskies are not the only dogs howling. But they tend to do it way more than the other sorts of dogs. We are not sure why. But it is thought that it is instinctive and that it comes from their ancestors, Wolves. It is a way to communicate, often to let other dogs know that they’re here.

Husky howling at night and why do Huskies cry at night

Short answer: we don’t know. Long answer: huskies behave (and look) a lot like Wolves. They instinctively howl, often at night, just like their ancestors used to. They might be feeling melancholic at night, we unfortunately don’t know!

Why do Huskies talk?

Huskies’ way to vocalize sometimes sounds like if they were talking. And, often, as we’ve said before, Huskies vocalize to communicate something. So we are actually not entirely wrong when we think they are talking.

Huskies “talk” when they are playful, or when they need something or hurt. It really depends on the context.

all about huskies
So, everyone is wondering why huskies are so vocal…turns out it’s in their DNA!

How Huskies were bred

The first type of Huskies, the Siberian Huskies, were originally bred by the Chukchi. They used them for protection, but also to carry sleds.

Where do Huskies come from and where they originate from

Huskies originally come from Siberia.

Where do Huskies live in the wild

Huskies do not live in the wild. They are pack dogs who live with humans.

They can spend a lot of time outside though. But Huskies are not wolves, they are domesticated dogs, not wild animals.

Where do Huskies like to be scratched

As all other dogs, Huskies like to be scratched around the base of the tail, around the chin and where the collar falls.

Why are Huskies so stubborn

Huskies vocalize a lot and are very strong minded, that’s why they are seen as very stubborn dogs. As Dachshund owners, we are not sure they’re the most stubborn though.

Huskies being powerful and energetic dogs, they can strike as very demanding dogs. If you give them what they need, they seem quite reasonable though.

Why are Huskies so dramatic

With that said, Huskies do seem to like drama. They vocalize a lot, they’re loud and they have big personalities.

This behavior is labeled as “reactive”, which means that Huskies do not hesitate to take actions when confronted to situations that they dislike. Avoid putting them in those situations when possible, and you should see less of that behavior.

Why are Huskies so weird

Huskies can be judged as weird because of their playful mood but also the fact that they are very talkative. They also are very curious and often “act first, ask questions later” which contributes to their image. It surely can lead to some weird behaviors.

Why do Huskies have blue eyes

The short answer is: it is genetic. Just like for humans, the blue color results from a lack of pigments in the eyes. 

Huskies are not the only ones with blue eyes, but they are famous for theirs.

Why do Huskies have different colored eyes

Just like the blue eyes, having different colored eyes is not unique to Huskies. It doesn’t affect the dog’s ability to see.

This is due to a genetic variation resulting from inbreeding. Melanin, the type of pigments which gives eyes their colors, is actually the root of the “issue”. If the distribution of melanin is the not the same in each eye, it leads to different colored eyes.

Can Huskies have brown eyes

Yes, Huskies can have brown eyes. They can even have one brown eye and a blue eye. The colors can vary a lot based on the melanin in their eyes.

Huskies can actually have eyes with different types of shades of brown.

Why do Huskies look like Wolves

Why do huskies look so much like wolves? It is true that Huskies look a LOT like Wolves. That’s why they are so beautiful.

Just like any other types of dogs, they actually do descend from Wolves. However, they are not more related to them than the other breeds.

But more generally, huskies have a comparable shape, face and coat. Which makes them very similar to Wolves. 

Compared to Wolves, Huskies have different sorts of coats (more suited for cold weathers) and they are way smaller. Moreover, Huskies have different types of behaviors. Wolves are, for instance, very territorial, whereas Huskies are not at all.

Why do Huskies throw tantrums

When potty-trained, Huskies throw tantrums to let their owners know that it is time to go out. So if they do so, take them out. In rarer cases, Huskies can also throw tantrums out of discomfort or because they are in pain.

Therefore, your first intuition should be taking your Husky out. Every dog is different, so try to know your Husky better!

huskies' training require a lot of patience

Can Huskies be trained

Of course, Huskies can be trained. Yes, they are very strong minded and stubborn dogs. But they’re also smart and try to please their master.

In order to train your husky efficiently, you need to be the leader and be strong. You need to apply strict rules and routines.

Huskies: how to train

You are going to need to be patient! Huskies are very stubborn and like to obey their own rules! In order to train one, you are going to need to be coherent in your actions. Treats are going to be your best tool, as well as repetition.

Always keep in mind that you need to be a leader and show authority. You will need to be strict and always reward good behavior.

Huskies: how to take care

You need to provide your Husky a great crate and plenty of toys. You also need to train your dog for all essential behaviors (potty training and more). But, most importantly, you need to provide the huge amount of exercise your Husky needs. Huskies need at least 30 minutes of heavy exercising per day.

Also, often check your Husky’s ears for infection and take it to the vet at least once a year. Brush its coat once a day to minimize shedding and keep it healthy.

What Huskies like to do

Huskies love to spend time with their pack. They love to play and need long sessions of exercise, which means that they love to go outside in parks and interact with other dogs and people.

How Huskies play

Huskies are high energy and powerful dogs. They intensively play for long periods of time, wrestling and chasing other dogs.

How Huskies show love and affection

Huskies often take their owners’ hands gently in their mouth to show affection. They act that way with their pack members to make sure all is right.

They will also cuddle to show their love.

How Huskies sleep

Huskies usually wrap their tail around their face. Their breath against their tail will protect their face against extreme cold.

Are Huskies loyal

Huskies are pack dogs. They live for the pack and are therefore extremely loyal. They want to please the figure they see as the leader.

And it is not because they like to go interact with other people that they are disloyal.

Are Huskies friendly

In one word: YES. Huskies are very friendly, they love to go meet new people. In fact, they are so friendly that people often see them as disloyal.

Why is my Husky shedding so much

The main reason why a Husky sheds is because of food allergies or a change in their alimentation. If you recently switched your dog’s food, that may be the root of the issue. Switch back to the old food and see what happens.

Remember that most Huskies shed twice a year (in fall and spring). Make sure to brush their coat as often as possible during that time so to minimize the shedding in your house.

Why is my Husky shedding so much in Summer

It is also important to note that if you live in very warm climates, your Husky may shed constantly. Huskies are not well suited for this type of climates because of their coat. Therefore, it can be normal if your Husky sheds a lot in Summer.

Why is my Husky shedding so much in Winter

Huskies usually don’t shed much in Winter. This is actually the time when they need their fur the most. But, each dog is different, and your Husky might be shedding more than the others, including in Winter.

Why Huskies are the best

Well this is very subjective, but Huskies are great dogs, because: 

  • they’re absolutely beautiful
  • they are full of energy (it can be a problem for some people though)
  • they are very curious (which make them great dogs for families)
  • they are very playful
  • they are very affectionate. 

They want to please their owners. However, they require a lot of exercise and attention, which can be difficult to handle if you are not always around or not able to give them that level of activity.

You probably have many other reasons why huskies are the best pets, let us know in the comments!

Are Huskies good with children and babies

Huskies are very loyal, affectionate and energetic dogs, which make them great for kids. But, again, each dog is different. It is recommended to never let your Husky alone with a young kid.

Are Huskies good with cats

Being very strong, independent and instinctive, Huskies are not the best dogs with small pets. They are not territorial, but it is not recommended to let them alone with small pets.

Are Huskies good with other dogs

Huskies are friendly, curious and and not territorial, which means that they should get along with other dogs. But, as stated before, it is not recommended to let them by alone with small dogs. Also, like any other type of dogs, they need to be socialized early during their life in order to be good with other dogs (and humans).

huskies are playful and affectionate

Why do Huskies tails curl up

When your Husky’s tail goes up and curls up, it means that she / he is excited. It usually happens when food, other dogs or treats are involved.

When focused or relaxed, huskies have their tails down. If the tail is moving, it means the dog is – it can be confusing – stressed or happy.

Therefore, it can be difficult to understand what happens based on tails’ movements or positions. Let’s not forget that each dog is different. Get to know yours better so that you can better understand her / his behaviors. 

Are Huskies vicious

Unfortunately, accidents happen with Huskies. They are very friendly and affectionate dogs, and are known to be among the less aggressive out there. However, if not supervised, in very particular situations, they can be dangerous. That’s why you should always avoid those situations.

Huskies require good training and supervision. They have a lot of energy, you need to keep that in mind and try to canalize it.

Huskies are not vicious though. They look after their pack and are very friendly if well socialized and trained.

Can Huskies be left alone

Keep in mind that Huskies are pack dogs. They want to be with their pack all the time. Therefore, they should not be left alone for a long time. If you let your dog by itself, make sure its environment is not stressful and that there are no children or small pets left with it.

Just avoid leaving your Huskie by itself for a long time (more than 7 hours). They can be very destructive dogs, so be careful!

How do you train a Husky to be alone?

The best solution to train a Husky to be alone is to make it love its cage / crate. Make your dog understand it is a safe and nice place to spend time by itself. To do that, hide treats in it, then, later on, toys filled with treats.

Crate training is a great solution to help Huskies spend more (fun) time by themselves.

Can Huskies live outside

Huskies can live in very harsh environments (especially cold climates). They can thus live outside. However, keep in mind that they will want to spend a lot of time with you and your family. They are pack dogs, so that’s the way it is.

With that said, you can try to train your dog to live outside and spend a lot of time with it. After all, dogs sleep outside in Alaska and in the Northern territories in Greenland and Canada. But they usually spend their time with their pack.

Are Huskies hypoallergenic

Unfortunately, Huskies are not hypoallergenic and they tend to shed a lot (especially in fall and spring). So if you have strong allergies, they might not be the best dogs for you.

Are Huskies good guard dogs

It might be weird, but Huskies are too friendly. Well, at least, they are too nice to people (and actually love to interact with new people) to be good guard dogs. And let’s not forget that they don’t tend to be territorial.

However, you can try to train your Husky to be a good guard dog.

Can Huskies swim

Huskies are not swimmers and you should not let them swim. They love water though, they can get wet, and you can let them play in the water.

You can try to teach your Husky to swim. To do so, make sure to make it wear a life vest and keep an eye.

Also, keep in mind that Huskies usually enjoy water in Summer, when it is hot and their fur is just too warm. Summer is going to be the best time of the year to train your dog.

Are Huskies smart

Intelligence is a very subjective concept. And, as we often say in our house, there are many types of intelligence out there. Huskies are smart, but they are independent and stubborn, which makes them average to humans. In other words, they are smart dogs, but they don’t necessarily obey or listen as much as other types of dogs.

Are Huskies easy to train

Even though Huskies are smart and like to please their masters, they are quite hard to train. Just like our Dachshund, they are very stubborn and don’t always listen. They also are pack dogs and are strong willed, which means that they can disobey orders.

For good training results, you need to act as a leader. Huskies are focused on leadership and they won’t obey and listen unless they see you as a leader. Use a lot of treats and be patient.

When do Huskies stop growing

Huskies usually stop growing after 18 months. This is when they reach their full size.

However, they will get bigger and bigger before they reach their second anniversary.

When do Huskies stop biting

Ideally, Huskies should stop biting their owners before they reach 5 months, when they get their adult teeth. However, they may take a little more time to adapt their behavior, especially since Huskies often use their mouth to communicate.

You need to teach your dog that it is not ok to bite, since it can become a bad habit.

When do Huskies stop teething

Huskies usually start losing their baby teeth at around 3 months. Their final teeth (adult teeth) usually stop growing at around 8 months old. Huskies should stop teething at that time.

What to know about Huskies

There is a lot to know! Huskies are great, very affectionate and playful dogs. They look very similar to Wolves but have different behavior sets. They have a great double coat, mostly suited for cold weather.

Huskies are very strong dogs who need a lot of exercise. They are very curious. On top of all, they are very vocal and love to howl. Get to know them better by browsing through this Husky FAQ !


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  1. Apparently modern huskies have a substantial admixture of extinct Taimyr wolf DNA. The “they only LOOK like wolves” myth has been busted.

  2. This article seems like it was wrong about my Chase. He is a Black Labrador Husky and checks all the boxes. He is a riot and sometimes I think he is part human

  3. The reason behind having blue versus brown eyes doesn’t have anything to do with melanin. If you cut a blue eye open, you aren’t going to see blue inside of it. It’s actually a genetic pattern in the iris that reflects light in a certain way. Genetics determine how each persons personal pattern reflects the light and displays what we see as the color of the iris.


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