Pomeranians: a Mighty Clown in a Small Poofy Package. Answering Common Questions about them!

pomeranian outside
The first thing you have to know about Pomeranians is that the entire dog is made up of 50% fluffy fur and 50% actual dog. Read on for the rest!

Pomeranians are a special breed. Loyal, energetic, protective and fluffy, this toy dog is one of the best dogs out there! Many people fall in love with their friendly faces and happy little selves. Pomeranians love to be shown off. They insist on socializing with any dog in your path. They like to jump and with their two front paws they will wave at you. One last thing: they have very little sense of self-preservation. Big dogs, small dogs, it doesn’t matter, they will go and socialize! 

Do Pomeranians Make Good Family Pets?

The Pomeranian is a favorite among the toy dog breeds. These dogs are so cute that resistance is futile. Between the big personality and the big poofy coat, they are bound to steal your heart. The really nice thing about these dogs is that they are rather independent apartment dogs. They aren’t as clingy and high maintenance as other toy dogs. With proper care the Pomeranian can live a long life – 15 or 16 years.

Pomeranian Make the Best Apartment Dogs

Poms are ideal for tiny houses and small condos. They make great apartment dogs, have moderate exercise requirements and love to nap. You can see this is a popular breed. Pomeranians have a high energy level when awake. They need to be entertained or they can develop behavioral problems and destructive habits. They are notorious chewers so invest in a Kong or in another chew toy that is long lasting.

Worried about how this little dog will fare with your other pets? 

If your pom is properly socialized, they should be great pals with other dogs (and even some cats). They get a bad reputation for being aggressive little dogs because they tend to be super vocal when in groups. The yapping can seem never ending if you have a chorus of them going!

What are Poms really like?

Pomeranians are energetic and lovable with a curious personnalities. They are rated the 23rd most intelligent dog (out of 79 breeds) by Stanley Coren in his publication “The Intelligence of Dogs”. Surprisingly, these tiny dogs make great watch dogs. 

Are Pomeranians Aggressive?

Not really but they sure sound like it! They have a classic case of big dog trapped in a tiny body. They are cocky and commanding and rarely back down from anything. Their resounding warning bark can be heard far and wide. It is a good idea to start obedience training early and teach your Pomeranian to bark a few times as an alert but then to be quiet.

Let’s Talk Fluff

pom on a chair licking its face

The Pomeranian is a compact active toy dog with a double coat. a soft, thick abundant undercoat and a profuse, harsher textured outer coat. I absolutely love their fluffy coat and plumed tail that waves back and forth when they are excited. Their inquisitive nature and cocky little gait make them really fun dogs. 

Pomeranian fur colors

There are 13 official coat colors recognized by the AKC. That’s a lot of range. You are bound to find one color combination that you will like!

Regular grooming required: Pomaranians are 50% actual dog and 50% fluff

Poms need to be groomed daily. A weekly brushing is the bare minimum or else they develop painful mats and tangles. They also shed constantly (so much hair loss around the house) so be prepared to become well acquainted with lint rollers and a pet hair specific vacuum. The undercoat also makes Pomeranians unsuitable for warmer climates if they will be spending extended periods of time out of doors. Their voluminous coats count for about 50% of their apparent size so overheating is a common issue.

Do they shed that much?

They also shed constantly, not just a couple of times a year. We just said that above! Seriously, invest in a very good vacuum or one of those robotic vacuum cleaners if you have a Pom at home. We got a robot and it really helps when our dog sheds her tiny, numerous, oh so numerous little hairs. 

You Need to Train and Socialize These Dogs

adorable pom

This dog has a whole lot of personality. However your fur baby’s cute little quirks can easily become unacceptable behaviors. These little fluff balls need to constantly be reminded to mind their manners. They can become demanding, pushy and snappy if you do not assert your authority firmly and consistently. While these dogs make good companions for elderly people, they should be closely monitored around very young children. They are fine around older, well behaved children. 

Housebreaking a Pomeranian requires patience

One thing you have going for you though is that Pomeranians are a very hygienic breed. They really hate getting their sleeping and eating spaces dirty. Dogs automatically build up behavior about where they do their job. A few dogs like to go on grass, while other dogs on gravel. Figure out what your dog likes best. Putting your dog on a potty schedule makes everything easier. You can tell when your dog will need to go. 

Common Health Problems in Poms

Early tooth loss can be a problem. While it is tempting to spoil them with canned food and various doggie treats, you should have them on a dry food diet. It will help keep their teeth and gums in good condition. You should also make sure that your vet gives your dog regular teeth cleanings. Skin problems and eye infections can also be problematic especially as your Pomeranian ages.

Best dog toys for Pomeranians

Rotate the toys to make them last longer. Every few weeks, switch them out but make sure to keep the favorites. Routinely check the toys to see if they should be thrown out. As your Pomeranian matures, toys needs will change. There are 5 types of toys you should have for your Pom:

  • Toys to play with you: fetch toys and puzzle games.
  • Companion toys for when your dog has to stay home alone.
  • Treat release toys and other things to keep your dog occupied.
  • Chew toys for heavy chewers (Pomeranian puppies rely on these heavily)


Ideal for those living in small spaces, Pomeranians make great apartment dogs. They don’t need much exercise and spend most of their day taking naps. However, be prepared to keep them entertained while they are awake. Pomeranians are chock full of energy and they need to be entertained or they can develop behavioral problems and destructive habits. They are notorious chewers although with proper stimulation this behavior can be taken care of with a few chew toys left lying around.


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