Fly Luftansa Airlines With a Dog

voler avec un chien avec lufthansa
Lufthansa is a particularly convenient airline for travel throughout Europe and the world. Bonus: they accept up to 2 dogs aboard the cabin or in the cargo hold

Swiss accepts dogs, Austrian as well, but what about Lufthansa? Lufthansa is a particularly convenient airline for travel throughout Europe and the world. This airline connects a large number of destinations through its 2 hubs: Frankfurt and Munich. Unless you are travelling to (or from) Germany, this also means that you will have to make a stopover at one of these large airports. This is not ideal when flying with a dog. You want to minimize travel time. This is something to consider.

Is Lufthansa Dog-Friendly?

Lufthansa does accept dogs, but conditions apply. First of all, the company reserves the right to refuse your pet for certain destinations with strict rules in this regard, such as the United Kingdom. Also, if the weather conditions (cold and hot above all, and for the cargo hold) are extreme, which is chronic for certain destinations (Canada in winter, for example).

Lufthansa requires that your dog be at least 12 weeks old (16 weeks for the United States) to fly on one of its aircraft. Also, the company asks you to reserve for your dog a minimum of 24 hours before your flight (48 hours for assistance dogs).

Finally, Lufthansa is careful to specify that if your flight involves flights operated by several airlines, you must check with all the airlines in question to find out what rules apply to the transport of your dog. Air Canada has told us the same thing.

Fly With Your Dog in Cabin Aboard Lufthansa

Dogs weighing less than 8 kg (counting the weight of the bag) can travel in the cabin. They count as additional carry-on baggage. Somewhat surprisingly, Lufthansa requires you to fill out a form in German stating that your dog qualifies for cabin travel. This must be handed in at the airport during check-in.

Lufthansa allows you to take up to two dogs in the cabin. This limit is generally set at one dog. It is therefore an option of choice if you are flying alone with two dogs. Your second dog may also be in the hold. However, Lufthansa is not clear about this, as it states that a passenger may only carry one dog bag. So be sure to contact the company about this if you plan to fly with two dogs.

In addition, the German company demands that your dog obey orders and be used to moving in a crowd.

Which bag for your dog in the cabin with Lufthansa?

Here are Lufthansa’s requirements for a cabin bag:

  • It must not exceed the overall size of 118 cm (55 x 40 x 23 cm)
  • It must not weigh more than 8 kg with your dog in it.
  • It must not contain more than one dog – if you are flying with two, then one bag is required per animal
  • It must be placed under the seat in front of you. Surprisingly, the company does mention that if this is not feasible, you should keep your dog on a leash, fastened to your seatbelt, while keeping him in his bag.
  • The bottom of the bag must be covered with an adsorbent material, e.g. a blanket. Whether a bag perfectly constructed to contain any leaks is sufficient – it would appear not. You can’t use cardboard, paper or straw.
  • The bag must also be bite resistant, strong, watertight and securely closed during the flight
  • Finally, it must allow your dog to stand up without touching his upper part, but also to turn around and lie down without hindrance.

How much does a cabin flight for your dog with Lufthansa cost?

The cost to bring your dog in the cabin varies from 50 to 110 euros depending on the type of flight. You can find detailed information on the prices here.

Dogs in the Lufthansa Cargo Hold

Lufthansa does not accept animals in the hold for flights going to or through Munich. If you are flying with a connection to this airline, you should fly to Frankfurt.


Another limit is that you may only take up to two dogs in the hold per passenger.

Which Cage for the Lufthansa Hold?

Lufthansa requires you to use an IATA-approved crate for your dog in the hold. The company also specifies that :

  • the crate must be structured with metal bolts and not plastic to ensure increased strength and solidity. It is also requested that the crate be prepared to prevent your dog from going out.
  • it must be a maximum of 125 x 75 x 85 cm and must allow your pet to stand up, turn around and lie down without difficulty
  • it must also have ventilation holes on each side, but the openings must not allow the dog’s nose or legs to pass through; and
  • its interior should not contain nails or portions that could injure your pet
  • The bottom of the cage must be covered with a material capable of absorbing liquid – this in addition to the fact that the cage must be watertight. However, paper, straw or cardboard may not be used, but a cover is preferable.
  • it must have a bowl for food and water. The bowl must be empty and accessible from the outside without having to open the cage.
  • finally, the cage cannot have wheels and must have a handle in the middle of its longer sides.
  • Lufthansa specifies that your dog must not have his collar or leash for flying in his crate. All the details for crate transport can be found here.

How much does it cost?

The cost of transporting your dog in the hold with Lufthansa varies between 80 and 380 euros, depending on the type of flight you are going to take and the size of the crate. Details can be found here. The company even offers a checklist to help you prepare for the trip.

How do you book your dog with Lufthansa?

It’s not clear whether Lufthansa allows you to book your dog’s place online – this is not usually possible except on Vueling. As usual, we advise you in any case to contact the airline to check whether your dog will be eligible to fly with you (in the cabin or hold) on the flight you intend to book. Seats are limited and, as mentioned repeatedly here, there are many conditions that may make it ineligible.

As for check-in, it can be done online, 23 hours before take-off, but your boarding pass will have to be collected at the ticket office.


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