The Best Gifts For Dog Moms & Dog Dads on Etsy

Dog Mom Dog Dad Gift Etsy original art print
Here are some of the best Etsy gifts for the dog mom or dog dad in your life. These are doggy and me gifts that we absolutely love.

We (dog parents) are just like parents of human babies: the amount of pride and love we show on the outside for our furry pals is like the tip of the iceberg. Inside, we are bursting with ridiculous, indescribable cutesy feelings. Many of us would be thrilled to be indulged in this, even if it’s not obvious on the outside. If your instinct has lead you here, It’s likely that your pal feels this way too. Read on for our top Etsy picks, curated by Dog Parents ourselves.  

Why Etsy is a Great Place to Shop for the Dog Mom or Dog Dad in Your Life

If you’re looking on Etsy, it’s probably because you don’t to get your friends predictable, re-giftable things… Giving a gift can be as fun as receiving when you get them the perfect thing! If you or your dog parent pal love to support independent businesses and crafters, or if you want to make something yourself, or if you simply want to find something original and thoughtful, then Etsy is about as good as it gets.

However, the amount of choice can be dizzying. So we’ve gone through the “overwhelmed” step for you, and have curated a perfect bundle of options that will cater to many tastes.

Gift Idea: Matching Dog & Human Accessories

Exactly the type of thing your pal will secretly oggle at on the internet, never buying for themselves. I guarantee you they will be thrilled to have someone else buy it for them. This may involve being sneaky and finding out certain measurements. This makes it a less convenient choice (scroll down for those), but one that may be the most appreciated!

Dog Bandana & Human Hair Accessory

Dog & owner modelling a matching checked bandana set, available on Etsy

No confusion over who’s with who at the big outdoor barbeque!

Or maybe it’s more your pal’s style to wear a scrunchie than a hairband…

Classic Matching Flannel PJs for Dog Dads

Dog & owner modelling a matching plaid pyjama set, available on Etsy

Had to add an exclamation point here. We only found one seller doing this, and we think they’re genius. This is especially ideal if you’re looking for a wintertime birthday or holiday gift…. How much cozier can we get?!?

BFF Jewellery: Dog Collar & Human Bracelet

Dog wearing custom beaded collar, available on Etsy

One of the prettiest (and least practical) dog-related products we’ve found, on Etsy or otherwise. Sometimes those make the best presents for humans, so why not involve beloved pups in the excesses of fashion as well?
(There are also people selling more practical versions of this idea.)

Dog Dad Gift Idea: Organic Cotton Matching Outfits

Dog & owner modelling matching organic cotton clothes, available on Etsy
Stylish dog dad and pup wearing a matching scarf and shirt.

For someone who doesn’t settle for less than the best.

Dog Themed DIY Craft Supplies

Whether you want to create something for them, or you know they would RUV to have better crafting supplies to make things with, Etsy has got you!

Custom Cross-Stitch Pattern Featuring Dogs and Flowers

Custom DIY dog & flower cross-stitch patterns, available on Etsy

This seller has a brilliant market here… While you can purchase a very nice stock pattern, you can also have a custom one created by sending photos of the beloved doggo, their name, and/or of the kind of flowers you want on it! Daisy with Daisies…. AWWWWW.

Doggie Scrapbooking Supplies

adorable corgi dogs being cute, scrapbook stickers, available on Etsy

….A dog and human friendship scrapbook?!?!?! For you two AND your doggos?!? This is an old school BFF move. Craft away, Etsy has got you!

It’s a one-stop-shop for Paper, Breed-Specific Stickers, Paw stickers, Kawaii Style Naughty Dog Stickers, Colourful Printed Ribbon, Breed Specific Washi Tape, Balloon Dog Washi Tape, and of course, Kawaii Style Dog Crafting Stickers

Custom Stamp

scrapbook craft custom dog stamp, available on Etsy

While this option clearly fits under the “scrapbooking” category, it can be used for so many more things, and is a little more pricey – because it’s extra special.

DOGUE: For the Fashion-Loving Dog Parent

Original Illustrated DOGUE Art Print

Original illustrated "DOGUE" art print, fashion dog, available on Etsy

It’s a little ironic, but mostly it’s just really lovely, and at a good price too.

Vintage VOGUE Prints Featuring Fabulous Furry Friends

vintage Vogue photography print: Kate Moss with dog, available on Etsy

This seller has many gorgeous options… From as far back as over a hundred years ago! Pick your decade, and you can find a piece of legitimate Vogue eye candy featuring a very pampered pooch.

Proud Dog Dad/Mom Wear

Artsy Dalmatian Dad shirt, blue & purple dog face deconstructed, Etsy

Okay, so it’s not Haute Couture. But we spent a lot of time sorting, and this is the most fashion-conscious Dog Dad/Mom piece we could find. It’s breed specific, stylized, and colourful – your pal will stand out at the dog park, if no where else!

We’re sure the dogs will show their masters some love after getting all of this swag!


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