Chien Mondain is a reference when it comes to doggy fashion in Quebec. Everything is just perfectly well crafted and the curated collection is awesome. Bonus: they like dachshunds as much as we do!

boutique chien mondain rockland montréal
This is an official photo from the website because we are not good at taking pictures when walking around with an excited dog.

All the products in the shop are of very high quality. Attention to detail is really what makes the difference at Chien Mondain. You can find a wide range of dog clothes but not only that! Indeed, the online store offers our favorite brand of dog food: Acana. If you like grain-free dog food with maximum transparency on the ingredients, I strongly recommend Acana. Bottom line is: you can purchase everything your pooch could want and need at Chien Mondain.
The boutique located Place de la Cité, in Quebec City, is the original boutique. The second store is located at Rockland Mall in Montreal. The second shop is just as neat as the first one. Go visit it, you won’t be disappointed! We like the fact that different models of clothing fit miniature dachshunds. It’s a huge plus for us because dressing a sausage dog is not easy. At Chien Mondain, both small and large dogs can find something that fits their fancy.

That Instagram account is so cute 🙂

The Loyalty Program

The brand offers a loyalty program that allows you to earn points for every dollar spent but also for other things. For example, members registered in this program receive 200 points for their birthday.

Another really great thing about the stores: shipping rates. It’s $7 no matter where you are in Canada. That’s absolutely unseen for me! I am so happy to finally have a Canadian alternative for doggo that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I love Zee Dog but the shipping costs more than the products sometimes!

Fashionable Dogs Go to Chien Mondain

Look at this! These dog clothes are nothing like you would find on Amazon, at Winners’ or anywhere else. These models are really cute, well put together and don’t seem to be mass produced in a Chinese factory.

A One Stop Shop For Doggo

Pet owners are super positive about the store. I checked what was said in Montreal and it’s just love. People like the fact that the boutique handles everything from pet grooming to pet sitting on top of the unique dog accessories and clothes. Here is the French version if you want to go through it.  

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