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collection pour chien Ikea Lurvig

Ikea has finally come out with furniture for dogs. Klippan couches for dogs are now a reality. If you need dog furniture, dog toys, poop bags and anything else your pooch can dream of, head on to Ikea! This pet collection is called Lurvig. It’s a direct competitor to pet stores but with Ikea prices. You can find the products on the Ikea.com, Ikea.fr and Ikea.ca. However, each online Ikea store has its own section for it. Here’s our review of the Lurvig collection.

Ikea Dog Furniture: Made for all Dogs

Lurvig : a Dog-Friendly Klippan


When it comes to furniture, Ikea knows a thing or two. The Klippan is one of their most iconic couches. This time around, they made a black Klippan that unfolds for your dog.

KLIPPAN : Pet-Friendly Design That’s Easy to Clean

It’s roomy…for medium dogs. A Saint Bernard will be able to fit maybe a paw and a bit of its tail but that’s about it. But then again, for dogs that size, a regular human Klippan may be considered a bit small as well sometimes! Our miniature wiener dog Mocsing could easily fit on there with a friend friends!

We ❤️:

  • The design
  • The way it just *fits* in with the rest of the human furniture
  • The space-saving design
  • The machine washable fabric

? A few cons :

  • We find it a bit pricey compared to some of the alternatives you can find in petshops.
  • Some customers have complained that their animal doesn’t like the smell of the Klippan.

Multi-Function Dog House (Lurvig – dog bed)

Price: small : 25.89€ (weirdly, we didn’t see them for sale over at Ikea Canada) – large format: 41.95€ (58.99$)


Niche moelleuse la nuit et piédestal le jour, quoi de mieux pour chouchouter votre chien chéri ? Le cadre est en bois blanc et le coussin existe en cinq couleurs (blanc, gris, orange, motifs noirs sur fond blanc et motifs orange sur fond blanc). Il suffit de le retourner pour passer d’une position à l’autre, rien à démonter !

We ❤️:

  • La matière imperméable où les poils n’attachent pas
  • La housse lavable en machine

? A few cons :

  • Les dimensions ! Encore une fois, seules les petites races pourront utiliser ce lit pour chien, même dans la version grand format. Un gros corgi aurait déjà du mal à y faire tenir son popotin !

Le coup de coeur de la collection pour chien Lurvig

Notre chouchou : le coussin de tête !! (Lurvig – coussin)

Prix : 2.50€ (3.99$)


Ok, Ok, c’est très probablement un gadget mais on rêve tous de voir notre chien bien blotti, la tête reposant sur un petit coussin souple et moelleux… Adaptable sur le coussin de base Lurvig ! On ne l’a pas encore acheté, mais on y pense !

We ❤️:

  • Le prix mini
  • Lavable en machine

? A few cons :

  • La taille vraiment mini : 28x10cm

Les bons coups de la collection pour chien Ikea : petits prix pour toute la famille

Les gamelles plastique ou métal (Lurvig-gamelle)


Prix : 0.79€ (0.99$) à 3.99€ (3.49$)

Les gamelles pas chères, on prend ! Certes, elles sont sobres et simples mais efficaces, et existent en 3 tailles différentes.


A noter qu’il existe une version anti-glouton avec le fond de la gamelle relevé, pour empêcher l’animal de manger trop vite.

We ❤️:

  • La résistance au lave-vaisselle
  • L’anti-dérapant en dessous
  • Ne déteint et ne jaunit pas

? A few cons :

  • Pas très jolies

Le frisbee (Lurvig – disque volant)

Prix : 0.99€ (0.99$)

Simple et efficace pour apprendre les joies du frisbee à votre chien ! Indispensable pour le retour des beaux jours !

Les sacs à déjection (Lurvig – sac pour déjections multicolores)

Price: 0.99€ (0.99$)

Prix imbattable qui revient à 0.01 cents le sachet ! On prend ! Et en plus, les sacs sont de 3 couleurs différentes…

Lot disponible avec le distributeur de sacs pour 0.99€ de plus. On tente d’opter pour des sacs biodégradables en ce moment mais nous n’arrivons pas à en trouver qui sont plus petits, pour aller avec la taille de notre chien (une petite miniature qui produit des cacas pas si miniatures). Bref, on aime le prix mais il y a pas mal de compétition dans le domaine. C’est juste très agréable de voir qu’Ikea offre ce type de produits car ils permettent de rester propre même lorsque l’on sort loin de la maison. Nous avons vu qu’en Autriche, et surtout à Vienne, les sacs comme ça sont donnés gratuitement, dans la rue.

Doggo Must Haves from the Lurvig Collection

Ikea has covers, blankets, pillows and more for dogs


When it comes to textiles, you can pick between the waterproof cloth that doesn’t let hair attach to it or the other regular fabric that seems much softer. There are 3 versions available in 6 different shades: 30x48cm, 46x76cm, 62x100cm. Keep in mind, there’s also a cover is sold separately. You can fill it with old clothing to keep your smell close to your dog. This helps your pup keep calm during stressful situations.

We ❤️:

  • Finally something that works for big dogs too.
  • It looks so fluffy
  • It goes in the washing machine, no problem!

? Main Drawback : Nothing! It’s great! There is one product we are not crazy for though: the blanket. It’s expensive and doesn’t really stand out. We’re not buying that one.

Dog Leashes, Collars & Reflective Harnesses: Great Puppy Buys over at Ikea

All three products in the Lurvig line are available in orange, green and black. There are some highly reflective bits on the products which makes nightwalks a lot safer. These reflective strips may not be too obvious during the day but they are very reflective at night (we used the Ikea harness for our dog when she was a puppy). Collars and harnesses are adaptable to fit most dog sizes. We were happy to see that our miniature wiener dog was able to parade around in the tiniest orange harness we had every seen! It was an awesome buy at a great price for a puppy. We knew it wasn’t going to be long until she outgrew it so it made sense to go for Ikea: cheap and solid.

There are many different sizes of leashes and they are made with or without antishocks. That way you can quickly pick the right one for you depending on your dog’s walking habits.

We ❤️:

  • The price point
  • Easy to put on

? Main Drawback : the lack of colors. The color palette is very small.

Lurvig Double Duty: Brush Dog Hair on the Dog or off the Clothing (Lurvig – brush)

Price: 3.99€ (4.99$)

Two-sided brush: one hard to remove tangles and one brush that’s soft to help make the hair feel softer and shinier !

We ❤️ the double duty: it’s also great to remove dog hair from clothing.

? Main Drawback: the metal bristles can pull at thinner coats for dogs that have thin hair.

Cat-wise, there are a lot of products, especially those that are compatible with the Kallax collection. We don’t own cats so we’ll let cat owners advise you on which products are a hit with felines!

We are not affiliated with Ikea and have not been compensated for this review. We are just a bunch of dog owners who like to shop at Ikea!


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