Cool Ties, Bow Ties (and One Bandana) for Dogs

chien en smoking
Here are some pretty awesome dog bow ties that you can purchase on Aliexpress for super cheap!

I always imagine poodles as dogs that look good in ties. Don’t ask me why. So when I went on a weird quest to find awesome collars for our dog, I wasn’t surprised to see poodles used quite often as models. But the stuff I found over on Aliexpress is really fun. It is important to note that purchases on Aliexpress take time to arrive. We live in Canada and sometimes it can take between a week and two months for dog clothes to arrive. However, the dog clothes, bow ties, collars and bandanas we have bought in the past are really cheap. The price/quality ratio is very good with this Chinese e-commerce eBay. Here are 7 ties that will transform any hound dog into a true gentleman.

Canine Chippendale Bow Tie

poodle bow tie on Aliexpress

Notice this is a poodle wearing that bow tie. OK, the poodle wears the bow tie well, but we think this bow tie option is more of a stripper in Las Vegas than a proper purebred poodle. In any case, the combination of black bow tie and shirt collar remains a classic in dog fashion. Note: the Velcro scratches on the back allow you to adjust the size of your dog’s neck. You can buy this bow tie on Aliexpress.

Dapper Dog

It’s more of a suit than a collar or bow tie but it has my vote! This option has several models that are really nice. We go from a tuxedo costume to a tribute to Scotland with this model.

harnais classe écossais pour chien sur aliexpress

The one below makes me want to say “Elementary my dear Watson”. Seriously, if this doesn’t scream “turn of the century dapper dog detective”, I don’t know what does!

harnais pour chien classe pieds de poule noir et blanc

Can we also talk about the velours tux? If your dog ever has a date, this is the outfit for it!

harnais pour petit chien classe tuxedo smoking

Bond, James Bond

Your dog is debonair. A gentleman unlike any other. Your dog could almost pretend it is sipping a cool Martini in that dog bowl and that its Aston Martin car is parked in the hallway, right next to the collar, leash and poop bags. Give your dog the wardrobe it most likely deserves. So what if we’re talking about the neighborhood block instead of a casino? What if there are more squirrels than high-profile criminals…this outfit is perfect!

harnais tuxedo smoking classe pour chien à la James Bond

Business Dog Outfit

This is technically not a bow tie or a tie…or a collar but it still counts! It’s a corporate dog bandana. I just made that product description up. No matter though! Let’s more on and notice that once again, we have a poodle as a dog model. I think this product shot would be much better with some PowerPoint slides Photoshopped in there. You can order this fancy bandana and get it in Canada a few months later.

bandana chef d'entreprise pour chien

British Corgi Class

So Brit. Seriously. There are quite a few patterns for this doggy bow tie. We really liked it over here because it looks like the perfect gift for Owain, our little corgi buddy.

corgi avec un noeud papillon

Doggie Christmas Collars

From the most discreet to the most hideous, you’ll have a great variety of Christmas dog collars to choose from on Aliexpress. You can pick them here with varying prices. I am just going to share the visual and let you explore that avenue.

noeuds papillons de noel pour chien sur aliexpress

The Roaring 20’s…1920s!

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So much emotion in that little dog. I adore the dog model for this product so I felt I had to include it in this list. To get your very own 1920s beach outfit, head on over to Aliexpress!


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