All About Dog Backpacks, Purses & Bags

pink haired woman carrying a small dog in a dog backpack
Looking at some dog backpacks? Want the one with the bubble on it? Wondering if they're any good? Check this article.

Whenever you prepare for an outdoor adventure with your dog, you’ll usually bring along your leash and maybe a hand-held dog carrier. There are other ways to get around with your pup. Let’s talk about puppy carrier purses and dog carrier backpacks today!

Pet Carrier Backpacks aka Doggie Back Packs

The dog carrier backpack, like the name suggest, is a backpack that allows you to carry your dog in it. This means that your small (and sometimes big) dog gets to go on adventures with you, no matter what lays ahead of you both! Some older dogs can’t handle long walks so dog carrier backpacks are great to enjoy the wonders of nature together without having doggy mobility be an issue.

dog being carried in a backpack by a man
That’s a rather large puppy being carried in a dog hiking carrier

To choose a good dog carrier backpack, you will first need to consider the following factors:

  • Purpose: Are you planning to use this dog carrier backpack around town? Is it to bring your older dog with you on trips? Do you have a small dog that you want on your back instead of in a purse? Do you want to go with your pet on long hikes? All of these questions are important to help you figure out what type of dog carrier backpack you should go for.
  • Dimensions: Please, for the love of all that is holy, take 5 minutes to measure your dog. The backpack should fit the size of your dog. It doesn’t work the other way around. Small dog carrier backpacks are more popular so it your dog’s size could limit your options.
  • Weight limit: Some backpacks do have their individual weight limits so make sure your pooch isn’t too chunky or heavy for your equipment.
  • Additional compartments: This should be a necessity if you are looking to bring your dog on hiking trips. You will need a place to carry their stuff too so extra pockets and compartments are a must in your dog carrier backpack.
  • Material: This is an important one if you are looking for comfort and durability as two main elements when picking your next dog backpack. If your dog is a chewer, than you might need to look for one that is chew proof.
  • Aesthetics: I hate ugly bags. I hate ugly bags that look like uncomfortable dog prisons. So if you are like me, you’ll want to go for a bag that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and functional.

One of our top choices is the Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack Pet Carrier. This cute little backpack is durable, and it has a sphere window to allow your pet to peer through and view the surroundings. There are plenty of ventilation holes, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your dog suffocating.  There are some compartments to store your dog’s items too. They are rather popular among cat owners in Montreal. I have seen a few in the metro in town.

Large Dog Backpacks

PAWABOO Pet Carrier Backpack

Here is a solid good dog carrier backpack for large and extra large dogs.

Dog RuckSack : a Dog With a Backpack, Not in One

We found this highly rated dog ruck sack for those large pups who like to be useful when hiking. It is really well reviewed online and exists in multiple colors.

Small Dog Carrier Bags, Purses and Accessories

Dog Carrying Purses Make Great Small Dog Travel Bags

This is an alternative to the dog carrier backpack. There are many variations of the dog in purse concept. There are some that resemble a handbag while others look like a portable high security prison. Realistically speaking, while it’s possible to fit a large sized dog in a backpack like the photo we have in the previous section…there is no way this can be done with a dog carrier purse. Seriously, take it from me, this type of dog carrier is suited for smaller dogs exclusively. In fact, most dog carrier purses come with a maximum weight limit of 10 pounds.

Cheap Pink Dog Carrier Purse for Small & Medium Dogs Pink Dog Carrier With Breathable Mesh. If you are looking for dog purse carriers on the cheap, AliExpress is the best place for that. You will get great deals but need to be patient as it can take up to 2 months for the goods to travel to your location all the way from China. Dog purses for small dogs can be cheap but they are often cheaply made as well and do not last as long. Be warned! We were looking for something a bit more solid than this pet carrier handbag so we went with the Kurgo Explorer.

Our Favorite Carry On Dog Bag For Travel : Kurgo Explorer

We absolutely love the Kurgo Explorer for our miniature dachshund. It’s great for airplane travels. It’s solid, stylist and comfortable for the dog. Our mini doxie has had this as her official travel bag since she was a puppy. We haven’t had to buy a new one since!

The perfect dog carry on bag

Toy Dog Carrier Bags

Some of you may need dog carriers for walking because you have a smaller dog that tends to get tired more easily on walks. This is what we found available on Amazon.

YUDODO Pet Dog Sling Carrier

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This pet sling is perfect for those looking for a carrier bag for toy sized dogs. If you have a small dog, this is a great alternative to the usual toy dog carrier purses. It’s closer to a carrying harness for dogs. We wonder if it would make a good hiking carrier bag for tiny dogs.

BETOP HOUSE Faux Leather Tote Purse Dog

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COODIA Legs Out Front Pet Dog Carrier Front Chest Backpack

This is a super cute pet carrier. I am not sure I would carry my dog on my chest like this but I am sure my husband would think that this is a great dachshund carrier backpack option (or front pack, or whatever you want to call it). Seems to fit bigger dogs than mine. I would say medium dogs could fit this one.

Bubble doggie back packs

Can we please run out of innovative ways to carry our dogs around? I like the little bubble backpacks. They are a bit creepy but remind me of the Jetsons. Offers Bubbles doggy backpacks. How does this bubble backpack even WORK with a dog?

It’s like a 1960s retro futurist turn when it comes to pet carriers. Let’s not go overboard with dog carriers and start adding sensors and cameras and what nots. I’d like to have a dog carrier that’s not connected to the internet just yet.


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