Calm Down Dog: Why Every Dog Needs a Thundershirt

Although anxiety and sound phobia are natural reactions of dogs, they need to be controlled by the best natural means possible. If you own dogs that are notorious for their anxious nature, you probably should get a thundershirt for your pooch.

What is a Thundershirt for Dogs?

A thundershirt isn’t a Thor type of merchandise. It’s a garment with adjustable fasteners. Thundershirts come in different sizes and colors so it’s not like a dog camisole. It’s an anxiety wrap designed to be gentle and cradle your dog’s body. It provides a soothing, constant pressure on your dog’s body. Anti Anxiety Dog Thundershit (fits Dachshunds too!)

What is a Dog Thundershirt Made of?

That’s a recurring theme online, people really want to know what these shirts are made of. Most thundershirts that you can by online are made of lightweight, breathable and durable fabric. Nothing magic here folks, the effect you get with the thundershirt is more tied to how dogs works vs great textile technology.

What Does a Thundershirt Do for Dogs and How Does it Work?

Thundershirts are a great, all natural, cheap and safe alternative to anti-anxiety medication for dogs. If you need to deal with your dog’s separation anxiety, travel stress, thunder fears or other problems, use a thundershirt. It works.

Various reviews point to the thundershirt being 80% effective at calming dogs.

It doesn’t work with all dogs but it does work for most. Gentle, steady pressure applied on an animal has long been a effective method for calming animals and humans alike.

Where Do I Buy a Thundershirt For My Dog?

In order to avoid going for the wrong products, we recommend thundershirt for dogs on Amazon. It’s easy to pick the right quality for the right price. There are plenty of products available on there with many detailed reviews from other dog owners who purchased them. There’s an alternative that’s super cheap but takes forever to arrive: AliexPress. Heads up: we are trying affiliate marketing on the site and may get a commission on the products we recommend. Thundershirt to soothe your dog

How Long Can You Keep a Thundershirt on a Dog?

If need be, the dog can wear the his or her thundershirt all day long. It’s not bad for your pet. However, it is advise to remove the thundershirt for about 10 minutes every 1 to 2 hours in order to avoid irritation. When properly sized, the dog should be comfortable over a long period of time.

How Tight Should a Thundershirt Be?

While is it essential that a thundershirt should not be too tight, if it is too loose, it won’t work. You must keep it fastened close to your dog’s body. Normally, if you follow the instructions that come with your thudershirt, you should be fine. The top flap should be wrapped onto the long flap and secured with fasteners and must not apply too much pressure on the neck. Here is a video to help you figure out how to put the thundershirt on your dog:

Can Dogs Sleep in Thundershirts?

A dog can get familiar with the thundershirt and wear it comfortably almost all the time. As long as the thundershirt is fit, it can be worn for extended periods but still needs to be changed over time.

How To Use the Thundershirt To Ease Separation Anxiety

Based on reviews, the use of thundershirt is the easiest and safest solution to correct your dogs’ separation anxiety. A dog with true separation anxiety enters a fearful state of panic when left alone. Wearing thundershirt will help keep your dog calm as it will provide your pet with a hugging sensation around its torso.


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