A Dachshund owner’s review of Nutrience Infusion dog food

our dachshund testing Nutrience dog food
We tested Nutrience Infusion, Canadian made small breeds dog food, with our small dachshund. Discover our review right now.

Our mini dachshund, Mocsing, is a very picky eater. She will often hold out until midnight, hoping we will feed her some fresh chicken bits from dinner or some errand French fry. If nothing happens, she will eat her food like a martyr. Our dog does this, no matter if it’s dry dog food or wet food. 

We decided to test another brand of high-quality pet food from our local Mondou shop. The tricky bit for us is to find a small breed product that’s protein-rich dry food. Pet food formulas that claim to be “good for humans as well” have great marketing but when you look at the list of ingredients…things don’t hold up. That’s why we like to with a Canada-based pet food company recommended by our vet. We tend to trust Canadian companies vs U.S. companies in terms of quality and the type of food additives they use. 

We decided to avoid wet food formulas since, sometimes, our dog would even eat the portion she needs before going to bed. She’s always been like this, right from the start. We’ve fought her domination plans for so long that we decided to seek a compromise this time. 

This summer, it was time to try Nutrience Infusion for small breed dogs. Mocsing had enjoyed the canned food we previously bought from the brand so it was a no brainer. There were several reasons why we wanted to try this product: it is served in small pieces perfect for our dog’s small teeth, it is made from good ingredients and it is local (we live in Canada). Here is our review!

Dog food created for small breeds

Among all the things which stop Mocsing from eating a specific food, sometimes it’s the size of the kibble, sometimes it’s the taste, etc. She often struggles to eat products which were simply not created with small breeds in mind.

We were pleased with this Nutrience Infusion food because, unlike some other brands / products, it was actually made for small dogs like ours. We had to learn a harsh lesson: the size of the kibble matters when you are dealing with a fussy Doxie. 

What we noticed with this new dog food is that the freeze-dried chicken liver that’s added in really does seem to provide “a superior flavour” as we like to say at home. We often tell our dog she is receiving a fancy chicken meal and that she should stop eyeing our plates (yeah, OK, we admit it, we have weird inside jokes at home and the dog doesn’t seem to mind). But this time, it actually sticks! She enjoys her kibble! No more midnight runs. 

Dachshunds are especially vulnerable to joint and back issues. The prebiotics and probiotics included help with that, which is always something we look for in Mocsing’s food. Another element we love is that Mocsing seems to have healthy skin and a shiny coat. She’s so soft when she eats this brand!

Healthy Ingredients Are Important

When we choose dog food, we also try to buy the healthiest products for our dog. This includes nutriments, animal protein and as little chemical ingredients as possible.

Nutrience Infusion is interesting for several reasons:

  • It uses antioxidant ingredients, but also healthy oils (coconut and botanicals) which offer several benefits
  • It also includes salmon oil, which is great for its omega-3 acids (it makes Mocsing’s coat so silky!)
  • It’s packed with prebiotics and probiotics we were looking for
  • Its main ingredient is chicken so you get a bit of chicken fat in there that is sure to be a hit!
  • We think the freeze-dried chicken liver infused in the food really does make a difference in terms of taste for her since we know she loves liver treats. 

Although it is always hard to evaluate health benefits from specific foods, Mocsing didn’t have any digestive issues with it and she is happy. This means that we’ll keep using it and finally get to eat our food in peace. 

Canadian Made Matters

As animal owners, we try to minimize our and our dog’s impact on the environment. Moreover, we want to make sure that the food Mocsing eats is well controlled and produced in locations with high standards. This is also one of the reasons why we went for Nutrience Infusion. It is made in Canada with British Columbia raised poultry. It means less pollution and

Final verdict

Our mini dachshund likes this dog food and we recommend it. It is well suited for small dogs and offers the nutritional elements that this type of product should come with.

You can try it with your dog. Don’t forget to transition slowly though. Nutrience recommends to start introducing only 25% of Nutrience in your dog’s total daily diet and increase this ratio over the next 5 to 7 days.


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