Different Types of Awesome Small Dog Houses for Sale Online

petit dachshund dans une niche requin

Is it me or have dog houses gotten a lot more fun these past few years? I don’t ever remember seeing a watermelon or banana as a dog house when I was a kid. I feel like we hit the era of the best dog house ever or as the media like to call it “millenials kill classic dog beds”. Some dogs like dog beds but others will seek a little nook, a hiding spot. Dachshunds for example love to have a little hideaway that is just their own (or will create one in the couch or in your sweater sleeves). These dogs need an indoor refuge, a little dog house inside the big house, their own condo if you will. We looked for some indoor options for you. I didn’t really like some of them, my friend Marie-Elsa didn’t like some of my proposals BUT we agreed to present a common list. I did the English article and she did the French which means that I get to complain about some of the choices here while she most likely was a great sport and talked up my strawberry shaped dog house!

BTW, we also have an article regarding DIY dog house ideas, it could also interest you!

The Best & Cheapest Dog Houses for Small Dogs

We looked for cheap small dog houses options. Dogs tend to destroy a few things around the house including their own dog house. If you need to replace yours in a pinch, these fun dog houses are for you! Piece of advice for those with heavy chewers and canine demolition experts…it does get a little better when they grow up. Hang in there.

Mocsing’s Favorite Unusual Dog House : The Shark Attack

This can be bought online but I bought mine at the Tiger store over in Budapest. Long story short, this is now my dog’s summer house since we couldn’t take it with us on the way back. It stayed behind, tucked away for future use when we make it to Budapest again.

Mocsing just straight up walking into this shark house in the store. It was embarrassing and we just had to buy it as she would not come out.

The shark attack house as I call it is easily washable, pretty resistant when faced with sharp little teeth and it’s hilarious. This house is available in two sizes: small or medium. I can’t help but crack up when I see our little dog in the weird looking shark!

Weirdly, it folds into a neat bundle that you can jam into a backpack. I did that and took Mocsing out to the tea parlor with it. I would go in the off hours in Budapest with her and the ladies would be delighted to see her in her little shark.

24.71$ on Amazon

12€ on Aliexpress

An Old Indoor Classic : a House Inside a House

This is a dog house that I didn’t like. But, it is an indoor dog house for small dogs and it’s eco-friendly. My friend highlighted the eco-responsible aspects and we agreed to include it. I just don’t like beige. It’s a problem that I have after working in a miserable bank with beige cubicles extending as far as the eye could see.

However, I have to admit that I suspect that this color/material combo would be the one to look the cleanest the longest out of all the dog houses. Smudges don’t seem like a big deal if you opt for this dog house.

This is a pretty classic dog house. Pretty discreet due to its color scheme, this dog house is easy to wash. We like the fact that the materials are eco-conscious. That’s a huge plus. We also absolutely adore the awkward photoshopping of a large dog in there. Overall, it’s a pretty cheap dog house you can get on Amazon for a few clicks. Confession time: I’m a sucker for cute dog houses that look like fruits or something just as ridiculous.

22.16$ on Amazon.

Where Can I Buy a Cheap Dog House? Psst, Check Out the Cheap Version on Aliexpress

Seriously?! What is it with the Photoshopping in these product shots? This is intense. As far as I can see the dog was Photoshopped into the dog house which was Photoshopped inside a real house. Dubious product shots aside, normally, these cheap dog items from Aliexpress have turned out to be fun things that last quite a while. We bought a pineapple dog house from Aliexpress and it held up pretty well. It simply was too big for our small dog. We should have gotten the small size instead of the medium…but with Chinese stuff I always learned to size up to avoid bad surprises. This time around, I should have listened to the regular indications. I suggest you do too if you decide to buy on there!

Your Dog Could Live in a Giant Strawberry

Seriously, this is $13 on Amazon. If you don’t like fruits, fear not, they have a giraffe motif available as well…because that makes sense as an option right? Strawberry, banana, pineapple, giraffe. Ah! I love looking for things like this though. If you need one of the smaller sizes, you could go to Aliexpress to find it even cheaper. I like the strawberry dog house. It just makes me smile. If you want something eye-catching that’s not a serious furniture investment, go for this!

Wooden Dog Houses

Let’s go in a totally different direction: small wooden dog houses. They take up more space but they are incredibly solid and pretty fun to have around. Wood dog houses tend to cost more but they are pretty great dog houses and last much longer. On the bright side, these houses are tiny compared to wooden ones made for bigger pets…so you save on materials!

Decorative Wooden Dog House

This one is pretty rustic and it is the cheapest wooden dog house in our selection. This is an easy DIY dog house project: paint it any color you want! I am wondering why there are stairs but I guess it’s a condo type of deal. It seems easier to assemble than any Ikea human bed out there.

69$ on Amazon.

A Treehouse for Dog without the Tree

What better way to guard the house than from the dog watch tower? Oh wait, maybe it’s a rooftop terrace for dog to chill on? This one made it on because it’s meant to be used indoors or outdoors. It’s easy to put together and will be the envy of the neighborhood dogs for sure. That’s a pretty impressive dog condo situation!

155$ on Amazon.

No Assembly Required Dog House

This is a deluxe wood dog house. Stay with me while I describe the features of this product. It has an open roof, it can be folded and can be painted and customized. It exists in 2 different sizes to accommodate dogs big and small.

364$ sur Amazon.

Unusual Dog Houses We Found on Amazon

An Igloo for Dogs (Dogloo?)

This is a hard plastic dog house. It can be broken down into 2 pieces to be put away easily. Now that we have the basics down, can we analyze the concept? This is an igloo for a dog. In what scenario would a regular pet need an igloo? I need to investigate this. After a few weeks of thinking about it, we have come to the conclusion that this could be one the best outdoor dog houses in Canada ever.

152$ on Amazon.

Serious Camping Tents for Your Dog

This is a pretty interesting dog house. There are 3 different sizes available so most dogs could call it home. This is a great dog house for indoor and outdoor use. We love the feet that keep it off the ground. This could prove to be super useful in some cases.

67$ on Amazon.

The Rad Rattan Dog House : Inside Luxury for Canine Roomates

This is a condo situation for dogs. Rattan dog houses are super cute if you have a pair of tiny dogs. It is more expensive than many dog houses listed on here though.

188$ on Amazon.


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