How To Get Your Dog’s Attention

Call your dog by its name, make a sound they love or talk to them to get them to look at the camera. You can also yes treats or toys. I recommend you get an assistant if you are having trouble. Tell your lovely assistant to hold the treat up to where you’d like the dog to look. After you take your photo, reward your dog for its modelling prowess. We tried something else entirely. We found a cheap dog selfie stick at Flying Tiger in Barcelona. The Instagram shot above shows that it works incredibly well. Mocsing was a puppy when that shot was taken. Puppy + Rome + tourist season…not the best setting to get a clear photo. Enter dog selfie stick!

Decide on the Photo Environment

Whether it be indoors or outdoors, you can always figure out what you want as a background. But if you are indoors, you can fashion specific backdrops for your pictures. A nice piece of fabric can be turned into the perfect back drop with a little DIY magic.

How to Get Your Dog to Smile

If you want your dog to look like it is smiling in the shot, have them take a quick run or play with them a bit. If you do a 5 minutes play-time with your pooch, they will flash that huge doggie smile.

Change Your Perspective

See the world from their point of view. Get down to your dog’s level and take pictures from different angles. Above, below, in front, behind: use your creativity to show your dog from all angles.

Photo Editing Makes a World of Difference

I’m not a specialist so I simply use the “auto” button on Google Photos to fix my images. 10/10 it fixes everything wrong with my photo’s lighting.

Myriam is head over heels for her husband and her miniature dachshund named Mocsing. Nothing much beyond that really. All 3 travel the world one adventure at a time!


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