Tips For Wedding Photography With Dogs From a Pro

bride at the alter petting her pup
Jacqueline from Jax photography gave us some great tips to make your dog be a part of your big day. Wedding photography + dog lovers = the best advice!

Woman and Man’s Best Friend is Our Favorite Wedding Guest – Jax Photography

Introducing a guest article by Jacqueline from She is part of a dynamic duo of wedding photographers based in Maryland. This husband and wife team travel all over the United States to help brides and grooms create beautiful memories.

As a wedding photographer, I am am constantly looking for the best light: from sunrise to sunset. Dogs bring a lot of light to our lives as well. When I meet brides and grooms, I get to share some very special moments with them. These moments, stories, which many of us keep private and close to our hearts, have the power to impact so many if we dare to share them – no matter how big or small! Part of why I was drawn to photography, especially wedding photography, is because I get to share the stories of timeless love, day after day, and year after year. There is no better place to work than in the realm of love, hope, faith, and joy. Today, I want to share some of my best wedding photography tips for those sharing their big days with their dogs!

These Photos Are a Reminder of Your Love

The truth is, these images will carry with them the very heart of how their story began. They will grace the walls of their home in pretty frames. They will share these images with their children, who will then show their children. Their love, captured in just a moment, will live on forever in pictures.

Our Own Fur Baby

From my own personal and professional experience, the only way to capture love with a camera is to do it authentically. For us, this means incorporating everyone you love in the photo sessions, and even in the ceremony itself! Even if the one you love is a sweet fur baby.

the best terrier in flight on the beach by jax photography

Tiger has been our fur baby for the past 14 years. He’s a Jack Russell terrier, who miraculously chose us. We had our sights set on his sister, but he knew we were the right parents for him because he pushed his way through the crowd with his little puppy head and climbed into my lap; we were instantly in love. He’s with us all day, every day unless we’re on a shoot. He’s daddy’s buddy and my sweet baby. The light he has brought into our lives is one I could spend many nights describing. I’ve always been a dog lover, and Tiger just reinforces to me daily how important they are in so many of our lives.

So, how does this relate to wedding photography?

Pets are often the first way many couples become a true family; at Jax, we wanted to make it easy to honor and celebrate that. Not only do we allow (and encourage!) dogs to join in the engagement and wedding photo sessions, we also think there’s a place for them in your big day, too. Your wedding is one of the most important experiences and landmarks in your life. So, of course, we want the people we love and our best friends – of all kinds – there with us.

Read on for a list I’ve put together specifically for dog moms and dads who are looking to incorporate their sweet dog in all the celebrations of your big day. Get inspiration to come up with your own fun twists for your photos, reception, ceremony, or both!

Have Fun With Your Save The Date

Laugh, frolic, and play together and capture it all for a save-the-date invite that’s sure to stand out

the most hilarious dog photobomb on a save the date photo.

Furry Ring Bearers

Dress your sweet boy or girl up for a big walk down the aisle to deliver you your rings in true best friend style

the best dogs, all dressed up for a wedding photo with the two brides holding hands

Keep Anxiety to a Minimum

Manage stress and snag some cuddle time by keeping your furry friend around as you get ready, say your I Do’s, or greet guests

bride and groom glowing, holding their beloved chihuahua. sweet wedding photo.

Have Some Off the Aisle Shots

Share the love by pairing your favorite pet with your favorite bridesmaid for an adorable down-the-aisle duo no one will forget

a female chihuahua in a pretty dress surrounded by the best men at the ceremony

Instagram Dog Shots: Create a Guest Selfie Station

Take a selfie, or two or a hundred, next to a life-size cutout of your dog – the ultimate photo-bomb opportunity that every guest will love

Use Your Dog Photos as Table Cards

Personalize your table cards with cute images of your furry friend so they can make your guests smile even if they’re afar

Make Sure Your Pets’ Outfits Match the Wedding Party

Dress your pooch to impress with a special collar, vest, or adornment that matches your wedding party and makes him or her feel just like one of the gang.

bride, groom and dog photo during their wedding vows

Lead the Way!

Show your guests an usher they can’t keep their hands off – have a friend escort guests to their seats with your pup leading the way. It makes for great candid shots.

a big dog leading wedding guests to their spot

I Pronounce You Husband and Wife…and Pooch!

Bring it all together by inviting your small love front and center for a few wedding shots with his newly married mom and dad – he’ll be so excited and smiley from the big day the pictures will be priceless

bride bending down to pet her puppy during the ceremony

Getting excited at the thought of having your own pup featured in your engagement or wedding photos? Get in touch with Jacqueline via email. Tell her a bit about your dog (and fiance!) to get started! Pssst, they travel all over the U.S. to take wedding photos.


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