25Hours Hotel: the Best Dog-Friendly Hotel in Vienna

25hours hotel et les chiens
L'hôtel 25hours de Vienne accepte-t-il les chiens? Découvrez notre expérience dans ce très bel hôtel au centre de la capitale autrichienne avec notre petit daschund d'un an.

We discovered the 25hours hotel in Vienna a few years ago during a romantic weekend in the Austrian capital. We loved this hotel and when we returned to Vienna in 2019, we obviously looked into the possibility of staying there. But now that we have Mocsing, our little sausage dog, finding a dog-friendly hotel when we travel is our number 1 priority. Turns out we were welcome with open arms by the staff! As always, finding a hotel that accepts dogs in Vienna was not an easy affair. Fortunately, our first choice, the 25hours hotel, proved to be the best option as it is in the historical center.

We Loved 25Hours Vienna

This hotel is dog-friendly and a few of the staff members seemed to love our dog. We felt welcome. Here are the awesome things about the hotel itself for humans and for dogs:

  • It is in a central location, 300 meters away from an accessible metro. Yes, this is important to me because I care about folks who aren’t perfect bipeds. If you broke your leg, get around on a wheelchair or happen to hate lugging your dog and your luggage up too many flights of stairs, this is important!
  • The hotel is gorgeous and has a very unique theme. If you are afraid of clowns, this is not the hotel for you!
  • The spa has a hammam and sauna that are free for hotel guests. That’s awesome!!!
  • There’s parking available if you come by car. We aren’t sure what that entails but feel free to check it out if you drive to Vienna.
  • Each room comes with a BlueTooth speaker.

Not onto the less awesome parts of the hotel:

  • The only problem we had with 25Hours was that our dog was billed twice. We emailed them about it and it was cleared up a few minutes later. It was an honest mistake (computer didn’t understand that “dog fee” and “hund fee” is the same thing).
  • We are two grumpy old people (we have been that way since our early 20’s!). The hotel basically doubles its population on the weekend because its rooftop bar is super popular during the weekend. This is a bit overwhelming if you want a quiet stay as you will always have people in the reception and in the elevators on weekends. That’s it. That is literally the worst we can say about the hotel!

Where is the 25Hours Hotel Located in Vienna?

It is located in the heart of downtown Vienna, in the museum district, close to the great imperial palaces that all guides advise you to visit. It is also less than 5 minutes from a metro station, Volkstheater, which is connected to lines U2 and U3. The hotel is therefore easily accessible from the airport (with the CAT to reach Landstraße in 15 minutes or by train and metro) and is the ideal starting point to explore the city.

The hotel also faces a small park (the Weghuberpark) and a green area that even includes a dog park. This configuration was perfect for the days when we had to work or after our arrival with a time difference of +6h, we only had to take Mocsing down to the hotel for her to walk around and do her business. Be careful, however, the Weghuberpark is forbidden to dogs.

Awesome Amenities

25Hours hotels exist all around the world. They offer a very wide range of services from mail reception and reception assistance to bicycle rental. The 25Hours in Vienna includes a restaurant and room service. On top of that (pun intended), there’s a rooftop bar with a gorgeous view of the city. There’s a spa in the basement with a fitness center, a hamman and sauna.

It’s a Very Dog-Friendly Hotel

Your pet gets a fluffy pillow, two dog bowls and a bag of treats. We had no issues while walking with our little dachshund throughout the halls. Everyone in the staff was super nice with us. We stayed about 10 days in the hotel and our dog started to really feel at home. She swaggered down the halls like she owned the place!

What’s the Doggy Fee?

The price is 15€ per night, per dog. You are supposed to be able to pay this supplement when you make the reservation on the 25Hours site, but we were not able to do so when we booked our room. There was a temporary glitch the first time around. If this happens to you too, make your reservation, then contact the staff to let them know that you will bring a dog and that you will pay for this service when you arrive. We did just that and were 100% fine upon arrival.

mocsing the dachshund on a 25hours hotel dog pillow
The cushion was all kinds of awesome (an wayyyy too big for our tiny cocktail wiener of a dog)

Dog Amenities

In the room, we were happy to discover 2 bowls for our dog, one for water and the other one for food. There was also a large cushion and a bag of dog treats. Sadly, our dog snobbed the treats. No clue why though…she’s just a picky diva.

The staff also provided us with a sign specifically designed to warn workers that we are leaving the dog alone in the room. The sign basically says not to enter because of dog (and security reasons). We found this rather clever. Yes our dog is a good dog. Cool. But any animal can be unpredictable, especially in a strange hotel environment so this sign was smart. It keeps the staff safe and your pooch away from strangers.

How Our Dog Behaved There (She Barked)

Mocsing was super calm during our stay despite a few noises from staff walking along the hallway regularly. She was never stressed or anxious. This was a win for us because she is normally on high alert in hotels. Our little wiener decided to climb onto the nightstand and ended up stranded one night while we were at the spa. She barked her head off for a whole 5 minutes. We heard her as soon as we went outside in the spa area. We ran to the reception and apologized. The staff member laughed and said nobody complained. We then sprinted to the room and found our cowardly dog stranded on the nightstand.

It was hilarious.

We used our second key to keep the light on for her, blocked off any access to the nightstands with our luggage and went back downstairs. The person at the reception assured us he would let us know if anyone complained about her. We felt better about this snafu and went to enjoy an hour in the spa.

notre daschund à l'hôtel 25hours de Vienne
Our little dog being sassy on the luggage in the downstairs lounge

Our Dog Could Access a Lot of the Hotel

We took Mocsing almost everywhere with us except the spa of course. We were even allowed to take her to the rooftop bar but we did not visit the restaurant itself. I must admit that it was my fault…I was too busy with restaurants nearby and kept saying we’d go later. Later never came of course.

25hours vienna hotel dog in bed
Mocsing had her own dog bed. Of course, she somehow managed to make her way into our bed anyways!

Hotel Rates

This is not a cheap hotel. But the value you get for the price you pay is worth every penny. We really can’t recommend this hotel enough. The price of a night varies according to the season and the type of rooms you select. We didn’t notice that it increased on weekends. Important information: book with the hotel directly. It’s easier to book your stay with your dog directly on the official website. On top of that, you get to lock down the best deal on the room. We compared and honestly, it’s better to book with the hotel directly instead of going through TripAdvisor or any other online booking platform.

The rooms of the 25Hours hotel vary in size and offer a city view, a street view or an inner courtyard view. These are the factors that impact the overnight rate. This time we chose the “surprise room”, which was a good choice, because we had large, very quiet and pleasant rooms.

Arrival and Check-in

We showed up early. I mean earrrlllyyy like 10 in the morning early. Our room wasn’t ready but the hotel kept our luggage and we went off to walk for a bit until our room was ready. We showed up 2 hours later and our room was ready for an early check-in. That was deeply appreciated after 12 hours of traveling!

It’s very easy to get to the hotel from the airport of the train station. That is a key factor for us when we travel with a dog: we like to get from our arrival point to our hotel in a direct trip if possible.

Decor & Ambiance

We love this hotel because the location is central AND because it’s awesome. The experience they offer is unique and a great fun anecdote. A circus theme is not everybody’s cup of tea but we really like the theme and the decor. Every little detail is a reminder of the theme. Every centimeter of this place is made for an Instagram moment.

What Else?

We tried a few other dog-friendly hotels in Vienna. They were near the central train station as we were headed to Hungary.


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