Review of Dog Friendly Ibis Hotels

les hotels ibis et les chiens
Want to go on vacation with your dog in Europe? Check out the Ibis Hotel chain, they are great for those traveling with dogs!

That’s good news, right? For us it was. The hotel page that confirms that you can bring your dog is now a 404 page but we confirmed via social media that the chain is still dog-friendly. In other words, the chain is not very informative, but at least you have tangible proof that Ibis welcomes people who go on holiday with their dog.

Ibis Hotels: the dog-friendly hotel chain

We searched far and wide to find a hotel that accepts dogs. It’s not that easy when you’re armed with and that’s all! Fortunately, a friend told us that this chain accepts dogs. No information was available online a few months ago so we were stressed. A phone call following the reservation allayed our concerns!

Our Ibis Vacation Experience in Barcelona, Spain

On the way back, we chose to stay in a small town near Barcelona airport to give our little one time to rest for a day or two before leaving for Canada. The booking was simple and quick. We were reassured by the switchboard following our telephone validation.

We chose the Ibis Budget Aeropuerto Barcelona Viladecans, very close to Barcelona International Airport (El Prat). This hotel was easily accessible and close to many shops (including two rather friendly shopping centres). Once there, we were given a room on the ground floor, at the very end of the corridor. The room was quiet and spacious. Our stay went well, and we would do it again without hesitation.

Dog Hotel Rates

The rate per night for the hotel was 15 euros. You can pay at the time of booking or at the end of the stay, depending on what the staff require in each hotel. We recommend that you call in advance or report the presence of your pet when booking online. Booking a hotel room with your dog is no easy task depending on your destination country. However, you can count on Ibis hotels to welcome you. The chain is added to the list of a few hotels we recommend, such as the 25hours hotel chain.


2 thoughts on “Review of Dog Friendly Ibis Hotels”

  1. I require a hotel in the Bordeaux for the night of 7th October when I am returning to the UK with my 5 small dogs. I have always used a variety of Accor hotels, mainly Ibis so could you recommend me to a hotel in the Bordeaux area please and another in the Nantes area for the 8th October-thank you

    • Hello John,

      This is our experience as well. However, some Accor hotels do not accept dogs. We had that bad surprise in Amsterdam a few months ago when we arrived – even though someone over the phone confirmed that they were accepting dogs. So it might be a good idea to double check with the hotel before reserving (Accor or not BTW).

      Thank you


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