Dog Friendly Hotel Chains in Europe: Ibis, Sofitel and Novotel Hotels That Accept Dogs

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Did you know that the ibis hotel chains accept dogs in many Europen cities? This includes ibis, ibis Budget, ibis Styles, some Sofitel and Novotel hotels.

Looking for hotel chains that accept dogs? Did you know that the ibis hotel chains accept dogs in many European cities? This includes ibis, ibis Budget, ibis Styles, some Sofitel and Novotel hotels. Careful though: no pee pads, dog beds or dog treats are offered by the hotels. Dogs up to 15 kg are allowed: one per room for a fee paid at check-in. 

You Must Bring With You:

  • Pee pads and bags to collect pet waste.
  • Your dog’s vaccination card (up-do-date) of course. On paper, the staff is supposed to ask you for it. It hasn’t happened to us yet though.
  • Your animal’s favorite toy or its bed to make them comfortable in the hotel room. 

List of Pet-Friendly Ibis Hotels in Spain

We visited Spain with our dog and had quite a hard time Googling hotels that were pet-friendly. A friend of ours saved us by telling us about the ibis hotel chain being dog-friendly. We wish we had known that when visiting Barcelona! No matter, we endedup booking another ibis hotel at Viladecans on the way back.

Pet Friendly Hotels in Madrid

Ibis hotels are all around town and they are all pet-friendly. Here are some of the best rated Madrid dog-friendly hotels from the chain:

Pet Friendly Hotels in Barcelona

Here are some of the Barcelona hotels from this hotel chain:

Dogs Allowed Hotels in Bilbao

If you want to visit Bilbao, we found a really promising hotel as well. If you went, please, give us feedback so that we can include it in this article.

Pet Friendly Hotels in France

Full disclosure: we are originally from France and there are many ibis hotels in France. We haven’t listed all of them out of some misplaced sense of “nobody really wants this much detail”. If you want more towns in France, let us know and we will research these hotels!

Paris Hotels for Your Next Vacation

First and foremost, did you know that in technicality, pictures of the Eiffel tower without a licence is considered illegal in France? I just really really liked the two pigeons! Paris is very tricky. It comes down to specific neighborhoods so we included a few options but know that there are more out there. There is an apartment hotel in La vilette, a 25Hours hotel near Gare du Nord, a Sofitel in the La Défense business district and an ibis near the Montparnasse neighborhood


We’ve never been to Toulouse but we have a sausage dog…it seemed somehow fun to include hotel choices for a town renowned for its sausages. We have a Toulouse walking around in our neighborhood. This dog is named after the sausages in Toulouse! 




Biarritz has two options for the airport: ibis budget or the regular ibis airport hotel.

Dog-Friendly Hotels In Germany

Take Your Dog to Berlin!

There’s a fancy Mercure option or an ibis budget version. Psst, we loved the Pfeiffer Bett, a hostel, but a great one with individual rooms!




Friedburg Novotel or ibis budget

Munich Mercure


Pet Friendly Hotels in Brussels

There is a Brussels city center option available or an ibis budget Brugge Jabbeka hotel available for those headed to Brussels with their dog. 



25 hours hotel

?25Hours Hotel in Vienna

Seriously, we absolutely love this pet-friendly hotel in the historical center of Vienna. It is fun, the staff is very attentive and the spa makes this day even better!


We haven’t been to Poland with our dog yet but if you are looking for some hotels, we found an impressive looking hotel called The Bridge


Confession: we have a few friends who live in Switzerland so we tend to go there rather often. 


We absolutely love the 25House hotels in Vienna and Zurich. We cannot recommend them enough. I know this has nothing to do with it but the 25Hours hotel in Zurich is incredibly close to one of the Google campuses in the city. It made meeting up with friends much easier at lunch time. Plust it was close to one of my favorite café in the town.

If you want a budget option near Zurich Airport, ibis Budget has you covered. Oftentimes, if you have an early flight, it makes sense to book a hotel near the airport. It’s often cheaper and helps you plan your return trip without the stress of finding a way to get to the airport from wherever you are downtown. 

Important information : 25Hours hotels provide dog beds, a food bowl and treats for your dog.


The ibis Genève Centre Lac is an option in town. We haven’t been but I thought we could include it in this list to be useful


Do not make the mistake we did! You don’t need to go with an Air BnB if you want to visit Rome or Milan with doggo. As much as we loved Milan in an apartment, our Rome situation was an absolute nightmare. Do yourself a favor and go with hotels when it comes to your Italian vacation. Here are some hotels that you could enjoy:

Side note if you plan on flying with Vueling: our Italian flights were all delayed for some weird reason.


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  1. I absolutely love this article. Funny and informative. Gizmo and I are at the Sofitel in Marseille at the moment. Then heading to Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Holland. Thanks for the great tips and enjoy your travels.


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