Luxair Dog Travel : Cabin & Cargo

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All the information you need if you plan on traveling with your pet aboard the Luxembourg airline. We cover required documents, dog carrier sizes and cost.

Luxair allows dogs on board in the cabin and in the cargo hold. There are different rules depending on the country. Flights to London and Dublin do not allow pets. Tell the airline about your dog when booking because only 3 pets are allowed in the cabin and 2 in the cargo hold per flight.

Important Documents to Bring With Your to Fly With Your Dog 

It is very important to bring original copies of the following documents to travel with Luxair:

  • The export, import or transit permit required by your destination country
  • A recent health certificate provided by your vet
  • Rabies vaccination certificate dating minimum 30 days before the flight or maximum 3 years before the flight
  • Your Dog’s European pet passport if you reside in the E.U. 
  • A certificate of neutralising antibody titration (EC regulation no. 998/2003)
  • Your dog must be microchipped (tattoos are valid as well but only if obtained before July 3rd 2012. 

Careful : if your pet’s vaccinations aren’t up to date, you may not be able to take off or the flight home will be at your charge. 

Luxair Assistance Dogs Policy

The airline respects regulation in place for assistance dogs. The size and weight restrictions don’t apply to assistance animals for disabled passengers. Dogs with this status which can travel in the cabin, without a cage and free of charge. If you have some sort of disability that affects your ability to fly, please check the Passengers with reduced mobility page on the airline’s website.

Luxair Dog Carrier Measurements

Important! Dogs, cats are permitted to travel in the cabin except when flying to or from the U.K. where they must be declared as cargo.

Cabin Dog Carrier

If you want to fly with your dog in the cabin, it must weigh 8 kgs including the dog carrier. We absolutely love the Kurgo Explorer. We’ve flown with Vueling, Swiss, Austrian and other airlines.

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  • It must be in a clean, watertight, claw-proof and escape-proof cage that is suitable for air travel and easy to handle.
  • You can’t take it out of its cage on the plane.
  • Maximum sizes for the cage in the cabin are 45x23x25 cm or 45x42x20 cm.

Cargo Hold Dog Carrier 

Dogs weighing over 8 kg must travel in the hold in an IATA travel cage. The animal must be able to stand or sit comfortably in its travelling cage. How to tell if your cage is the right size:

  • Your pet must be able to stand in their cage.
  • The length requirement of the cage sounds insane so we propose you follow IATA travel cage requirements. Here is the official guideline : “Length: your pet’s length from nose to base of tail, plus the distance from its elbow to the ground”
  • “Width: twice the width of your pet’s shoulder blades.” I have no clue how to measure a shoulder blade on a miniature dachshund but IATA requirements should help you meet that strange specification.
  • The cage must be claw-proof, escape-proof and watertight. 
  • It should allow staff to provide assistance (food, water, cleaning) without the risk of injury or escape. 
  • Cabin cages are not suitable for the cargo hold.
  • It must have ventilation holes on more than one side. 
  • Only one animal per cage.

Price of a Dog Plane Ticket

  • Pet in cabin (≤ 8 kg) : 50 € one way
  • Animals in hold (> 8 kg):  100 € one way

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