Are Dogs Allowed on Ryanair Flights?

Corporate Ryan Air Plane in the Sky

Some airlines do not allow dogs on board. Ryanair does not allow pets on board, just like Easyjet. Your dog won’t be able to travel in cabin or in the cargo hold with this airline. Emotional support dogs declared to be so by their owners without proper medical documentation will not be accepted. Registered assistance dogs are however able to travel on board for free with their owners.

You must have a fully trained and certified assistance dog to be able to board a Ryanair flight with an animal. The dog should be recognized by the ADI or by Assistance Dogs UK or the IGDF.

All Dogs are Strictly Forbidden for Certain Flights

If you are traveling from or to Morocco or Israel, you should be aware that no dogs are accepted for these flights. Yes, this does concern ESA dogs as well. If you want to travel with an support animal on other Ryan Air routes, read on.

Guide Dog Travel Guidelines on Ryanair

To travel with your guide / assistance dog, you should notify Ryanair when you book your own ticket. This can be done online at the time of booking your flight or via the Ryanair special help line. The airline reserves the right to refuse boarding to animals that do not have proper paperwork.

What Administrative Documents Should I bring With me When Travelling With my Guide Dog on a Ryanair Flight?

To travel with your guide or assistance dog, you must have a valid dog passport or veterinary health certificate with all necessary medical documentation.

The vaccinations your dog has received must comply with the vaccination requirements of the destination country. Ryanair reserves the right to refuse to take animals on board in flight if their papers are not in order.

For more information, check out the official guidelines on Ryanair’s website.


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