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collection pour chien Ikea Lurvig

Ikea for Cats & Dogs: 🐾 Best Items

Ikea has finally come out with furniture for dogs. Klippan couches for dogs are now a reality. If you need dog furniture,...
dog eating cookie

Pizza, Pasta, Ramen: What Can Your Dog Eat Safely

Is it okay for dogs to eat pizza dough, hamburgers, lasagna, spaghettios, or ramen noodles? What about raw hamburger? Check our FAQ page for answers.
hypoallergenic dogs

Some of the Best Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds if You Are Allergic

Looking for a hypoallergenic dog? We checked out a few of the most popular dog breeds that shed less than average.
black german shepherd

Hip Displasia and Dogs

Canine Hip Dysplasia is not a death sentence : learn the symptoms and treatments available for your dog.
beautiful dalmatian by the beach

Going Dotty for Dalmatians: All Your Questions Answered

Go beyond the Disney classic and get to know these lovely elegant dogs. They make amazing pets!
sacs à caca biodégradables et compostables pour chiens

Biodegradable & Compostable Poop Bags for Dogs

Wondering what the difference is between biodegradable and compostable dog poop bags and where to buy them? Here's an article for you.