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collection pour chien Ikea Lurvig

Ikea for Cats & Dogs: 🐾 Best Items

Ikea has finally come out with furniture for dogs. Klippan couches for dogs are now a reality. If you need dog furniture,...
corgi en plein été chaud

How to Keep Dogs Cool in the Summer

Heatwaves are an increasingly frequent climatic phenomenon. We're not the only ones suffering though: cats and dogs are feeling the heat as...
pug puppy with a bone in its mouth

What Kinds of Bones Can Dogs Eat?

Here's a relatively complete list of the types of animal bones your dog can eat and those that your animal shouldn't chew.
miniature dapple dachshund looking up

The Entire Dachshund Breed Guide

The dachshund is a breed that many humans see as adorable. Doxies, as they are commonly called, have sausage shaped bodies resting...
sac pour chien Kurgo Explorer

Kurgo Explorer : the Best Dog Carrier for Cabin Flights

We are reviewing the Kurgo Explorer dog carrier purse. We love this bag when we travel in the plane, train or car.
small dog popping out of a Christmas gift

Christmas Gifts for Dogs & their Humans

It's that special time of year. We list some of the best Christmas gifts for dogs. Who's been a good boy? Your dog of course!
disney main street at night

Which Disney Hotels are Dog-Friendly?

Back in the days, the only dogs allowed in Disney World hotels were service animals. Regular pet dogs are now welcome in...