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We decided to document many of our adventures and share important information to other dog owners. Because seriously…the first 3 months with our dog were terrifying. We found ourselves googling every 10 minutes:

  • OK Google, can my dog eat pork rib bones? (because she already had)
  • OK…OK Google, can my dog eat cooked pork rib bones? (because that’s literally what she had stolen from the trash…turns out that it’s a big nono)
  • Why do Dachshunds bark so much? (these pups are like a second doorbell)

If this sounds like the type of thing you would do or if you want to travel with your dog, this blog will save you a lot of time. Trust us, we had to learn all of this the hard way!

Picture of Mocsing the Doxie
Mocsing the Doxie

Mocsing or Momo for short is a miniature dachshund. This sassy little lady is the inspiration for this dog blog.