Superhero Dog Costumes You’ll Love

Ninja Turtles Donatello superhero dog costume, available on Baxterboo
Superhero costumes are great for dogs. So much swagger, so much hair, so much...spandex? Check out some of the best picks on BaxterBoo.

The one who has always had the purest of hearts…. The one we can always count on. The one who will defend us to the very end!

Of course we like to dress our dogs as superheroes.

While there are endless funny dog costumes in the world, (ahem), there is something about a dog superhero costume that will never stop being amusing. Maybe because they’re so small, and the suggestion of them as Herculean beings is a brilliant contrast. This type of costume is good for many types of costume parties, not just Hallowe’en!

Batman Costumes For Dogs

There are a surprising amount of different Batman-themed outfits just on this one website, so you can pick out whatever kind would suit your pet the most! Do you want rhinestones? A Dark Knight style? Or just a cool Batman cape? Here are just a few of the many options that you and your dog will love.

Bat Girl Dog Costume

Batgirl superhero dog costume, available on Baxterboo
Catwoman never saw this coming.

I get the vibe this costume may make your dog extra dangerous to cats. Just a friendly warning…

Batman – The Dark Knight Dog Costume

Who knew the Dark Knight would be so wuvable when he’s unmasked!??!?

These ones are extra funny when they’re running – like the cape is flying in the wind! This one would be hilarious for a pup who is “guard dog” minded. I can imagine them surveying the trick or treat group, always making sure you haven’t lost anyone in the Hallowe’en fray! Psst, which one would make a great dachshund batman costume? Asking for a friend

Casual Bat Dog With Hood Costume

Batman Superhero Dog Costume, available on Baxterboo
Batdog, chillin’ between stunts.

This one made me laugh because it seems like the most casual superhero outfit imaginable, almost like a hoodie – Batman training in his cave, chillin’ without much to prove? This could be good for a cuddly pup.

More DC Comics Costumes For Dogs

Very Frilly Wonder Woman Dog Costume

Marvel Wonder Woman superhero dog costume, available on Baxterboo
“And now I know, that only the finest liver treats can truly save the world”

What a fun combo of Wonder Woman and Miss World… Not all girl dogs would seem natural in a tutu like this. This is clearly for divas only!

Superman Dog Costume

Marvel Superman superhero dog costume, available on Baxterboo
“My powers have grown so much now that I don’t mind eating kryptonite if it falls on the floor…”

A belt, a shirt, a cape – boom, you’re Superdog. I think this looks quite chic, actually.

Super Glam Supergirl Dog Costume

Marvel Pink Supergirl dog superhero costume, available on Baxterboo
“Other dogs are not the enemy. And the more we fight each other, the more we distract each other from the real problems. The chipmunks.”

Another diva dog costume! Although this one is more dog drag than dog pageant girl… Eleganza!

Marvel Costumes For Dogs

Marvellous! Baxterboo carries not only the most cherished superheroes such as Superman, but they have unpredictable choices too, such as Groot and Thor… Here are a paw full of our current favs.

Captain America Dog Costume

Marvel Captain America superhero dog costume, available on Baxterboo
“I’m loyal to nothing, except the dream… of finally catching those dastardly squirrels”

Okay, so far this one appears to be the most effective at creating a real “superhero” style. The texture of the padding evokes the real life costumes a bit! I know I would feel extra safe with this one next to me on All Hallow’s Eve, WwoOoOo…

Optimus Prime Dog Costume

Marvel Optimus Prime superhero dog costume, available on Baxterboo
“Thrones are for Decepticons. Besides, I’d rather roll over.”

Ok. Let’s be real. This photo is terrible. The hat looks like it was edited on in 2D…. But hey, if you like the idea of doing something funny and silly with your pal, you could have a grand old time dressing them up as one of the The Ultimate Protectors… Optimus Prime!!

Spiderman Dog Costume

Marvel Spiderman dog superhero costume, available on Baxterboo
Godspeed, Spider Dog!

Oh. Hey. S’up. What’s that? Yeah I climb walls now too. None of your human food is safe.

More Superhero Dog Costumes

Ninja Turtles – Donatello Dog Costume

Ninja Turtles Donatello superhero dog costume, available on Baxterboo
Bodacious! Doggo Donatello is here to lick the bad guys CLEAN.

I would honestly pick this one as the winner of the bunch – it has the most texture & the most details without seeming like it’s complicated to put on. Plus, you can order one for all four of the TMNT if you have dog squad goals!

Buzz Lightyear Dog Costume

Buzz Lightyear superhero dog costume, available on Baxterboo
To the park, and BEYOND!

Here to blast us off with a strong ending is an oldie, but a goodie. Oh Buzz Lightyear, I hope the new generation of kids watches you and laughs and cries as much as I once did. This costume is a bit more of an original choice than most of the staple superheroes…

Baxterboo Dog Costumes

In case you weren’t aware, by far the best one-stop-shop for dog clothing, costumes, & accessories is Baxterboo! They have dozens of costume categories, and the Superhero category is one of the best. Scroll down for our definitive Superhero Dog Costume Guide!

How much does a dog superhero costume cost?

At regular price, Baxterboo’s superhero costumes range from 17.50$ – 35$ USD, with a few exceptions for the extra high quality choices, which can float around 75$ USD.

However, they often have incredible sales. At the time of this blog post, they are offering up to 40% off sale on all superhero dog costumes! Off-season, some items that are now sold out started around $10. My mamma taught me not to wait for Hallowe’en, when all the prices will be at their highest… have fun picking something out for your epically furry friend today!

Refer a Friend to Baxterboo, get a 10$ Gift Certificate

(Pssst…. Before you get started on the list, we’d like to let you know that we shop at BaxterBoo and if you use our referral link, we get a gift card to buy fancy toys for our dog!)

There are many more options to choose from. Have fun on Baxterboo, and remember to tell them who sent you 😉


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