Dachshund Jackets and Coats

Dog coat in the winter

If you are anything like me, you absolutely love cute dog sweaters and coats. I keep buying super cute fleece coats and sweaters that simply don’t fit. I keep being disappointed that things don’t fit but I keep trying. It usually looks like a crop top on Mocsing. Hilarious, but not very useful. You need to find coats, sweaters and jackets made specifically for a dachshund’s long body. 

The Issue With Doxie Winter Coats

Your dachshund’s winter coat won’t be enough to keep it warm. You need to provide them with a coat. The problem is that it must cover their whole back, otherwise, your dog won’t stay warm. You also should pay attention to covering their chest because the hair is sparse there.

Daschung Dog in a Blue Sweater

Mini Dachshund Winter Coats: The Struggle!

Winters start earlier and earlier in Quebec lately. We usually store our dog’s coats in our Kallax shelf near the entrance. We recommend you go with K9 Apparel who makes coats specifically for miniature dachshunds.

Doxie Dog in a Coat

And this is a perfect illustration of why we don’t like arms in sweaters for our mini dachshund. She hates them with a passion and always manages to get out of them. 

Teckelklub: Dachshund Coats We Love Over Here in Canada

Teckelklub is a pretty awesome company that hand-makes dachshund coats right here in Canada. Their coats fit dachshunds well. These high quality jackets are made with anti-pill fleece and strong Velcro. One of the things that bugs us is the lack of harness holes in many coats. With this brand, you can just give the company your dog’s measurements and ask for one in your order. 

Dachshund Fleece Coat for Fall or Winter

If you need a fleece jacket for your doxie, go with the Teckelklub options. It will cover your dog’s entire back and create a warm spot for them. Here’s what we like most: the jackets are machine washable and have 3M reflective strips. 

This is what happens to mini doxies in regular dog fleece coats

Daschung Dog wearing a fleece coat in winter

Dachshund Raincoat for Wet Weather

Sausage dogs hate wet weather. It is the leading cause of wet belly syndrome, the one imaginary medical ailment all dachshunds claim to have when it rains. If you need waterproof + warmth, we recommend you go with layers. 

Long dog wearing an orange coat in the snow

What do you think of Chilly Dogs Made in Canada?

We haven’t tried the brand Chilly Dogs, but we know our dog hates armholes because they chafe. It’s hard to find something that fits a miniature dachshund. Mini dachshunds must also be hard to fit when it comes to that. I have seen an incredibly tiny dachshund at a doggy café and I can’t imagine them fitting through the armholes comfortably.

Hurrta Review: a Coat Brand for Cold Winters

What we like

  • Super water-resistant outer coating that manages to be breathable
  • Adjustable waist belt
  • Adjustable collar for a custom fit around the neck
  • Little elastic bands to make sure the coat stays put. This is a must for us now. 
  • Chest cover
  • 3M reflectors to ensure your dog is seen at night
  • Harness holes. That is also a must for us.

That brand is designed for Finland’s snowy winters, so we absolutely love them over here with our long Canadian winters! If you have a hard-to-fit dog, Hurtta is a brand you can trust when it comes to dog jackets. You can adjust the coat by tightening the waist belt or adjusting the neck for a more custom fit. If you own a dachshund, you know it’s impossible to find a good coat that is both warm and functional. Our dog refuses to walk in most coats because they are not comfortable. This is why we like Hurtta with their wide range of sizes. 

The Best Etsy Dachshund Options Available

WooFit Dog Wear

Photo credit Woofitdogwear

It’s cute, OK? Like really really really cute. I love the high collar on this design. The print is adorable and it looks cozy. 

Voyage K9 Lightweight Wiener Dog Fleece Coat

Daschung Tummy Warmer
Photo credit VoyagersK9Apparel

It’s purple, cute, lightweight and on a dapple dachshund. I couldn’t pass on that! It’s my favorite color on a dog that looks similar to mine…and the design is efficient.

Pepper Pet Wear

Look at this coat! It’s clearly well made and designed for our long pups in mind. You can adjust at the chest and at the waist. Our dog gained a lot of torso. She is pumped, for some reason, and most of her old coats don’t fit her anymore. The adjustable chest strap is awesome for us.

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