cute muddy yorkshire terrier dog, ready for a bath

How to Bathe Your Dog

Bathing a dog seems rather easy in theory. In practice, it's a whole different ball game! Check this FAQ out if you need help.
les cages IATA sont les plus utilisées pour la soute

IATA Dog Cages Guide

Need help picking the proper cage for your dog? Afraid of buying the wrong IATA cage to fly your pet in the cargo hold? Check out this article!

Gift Ideas for the Goth Dog Mom (because it’s Halloween every day for some...

From Beetlejuice dog teepee to Le Creuset pet treat jars dark like the teenaged goth soul, you'll love this list of gifts for the goth dog mom in your life.
voler avec son chien avec Royal Air Maroc

Flying Your Dog With Royal Air Maroc

Here is the information you need if you are going to fly with your dog aboard Royal Air Maroc.
chien en smoking

Cool Ties, Bow Ties (and One Bandana) for Dogs

Here are some pretty awesome dog bow ties that you can purchase on Aliexpress for super cheap!