Travel with Your Dog by Train in France

dachshund miniature sur un siège dans un wagon de train
Going on vacation in France? Here's good information on how to travel with the SNCF trains throughout the country.

Going on vacation is great, but with your dog is even better! And you don’t have to rent a car for that: trains are dog-friendly in France. Here’s how to get on the train with your pooch while visiting France. Your dog can travel pretty much in all SNCF trains except the Eurostar. All you have to do is book you and your dog’s trip!

How to Buy the SNCF Dog Train Ticket

It’s very simple: buy your pooch’s ticket at the same time as yours. This ticket is exchangeable and refundable. This means that you can cancel your plans.

Train Travels in France with Your Dog

Travelling by Train With a Small Dog With SNCF

For a dog under 6kg, the ticket costs 7 euros. The dog must travel at your feet or on your lap, in a bag or basket.

Travelling by Train With a Small Dog With OUIGO

With OUIGO, it’s free for small dogs! Sadly, bigger dogs have to pay 30 euros.

Travelling by Train With a Big Dog With SNCF

For a dog over 6kg, the ticket costs half the price of a full fare ticket in 2nd class. The dog must travel at your feet. It must be muzzled throughout the entire journey.

Special Case for Guide Dogs

They travel free of charge, at your feet, without a ticket. The guide dog is allowed not to wear a muzzle.

What do I need to plan to travel with my dog by train?

Don’t forget that your dog remains your responsibility during the whole trip! If your dog is agitated or fearful by nature, consult your veterinarian who can advise you on a mild sedative for the trip. And don’t forget to bring a travel bowl to hydrate your faithful companion as soon as you get off the train! How about a little treat?

Always travel with your dog’s identification certificate, if it is in your possession.

If you leave France during your train trip with your dog, check the laws in force in the destination country. Indeed, some countries require identification with a microchip, the rabies vaccine, the presence of the European dog passport and an up-to-date health record.

A cage adapted to train travel

No particular instructions on the size or weight of the cage, but it must be well ventilated and of a size suitable for the dog. He must be able to go back. Inside the cage, you will need to indicate the dog’s name, tattoo number, name, phone number and destination address.

Special cases: Eurostar and Thalys

Eurostar: only guide dogs can travel on board the Eurostar

Thalys : Small Dogs Travel Free

Thalys is free if the dog is in a container not exceeding 55 x 30 x 30 x 30cm and weighs less than 5kg. Larger dogs must pay a dog fare and must travel tied or muzzled, for other special cases, do not hesitate to consult the website or the “pets” section of the SNCF website.


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