Dog Clothing

Dog Clothing

Functional Dog Clothing

If you have a dog in Canada, chances are you are familiar with dog clothing. It’s a reality we dread every winter in our house: putting on the coat while dog looks miserable. Trying to put the booties on while dog looks even more miserable. Rinse and repeat. Here is a list of dog clothing you should consider:

Fashion Doggie Clothing

Canine clothing and accessories are big business. Dog fashion is very distinctive because it is centered on dogs. We may think this started on Instagram but this fashion trend dates back to the Egyptians. Of course, it’s taken off due to a savvy mix of capitalism and millenials who ruin everything.

Here are some optional doggie outfits and things

Wedding Dog Outfits

We often see dogs wearing tuxes or interesting dresses while their favorite humans get married.

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